Takeprofit Technology Review

Founded in 2013
Headquarters in Russia
Company description: 

Takeprofit Technology specializes in developing reliable software for Forex brokerages.

Klondike liquidity bridge was created by the company in 2013 and now it is one of the top bridge solutions in the Forex market.


Klondike bridge — a reliable lightweight liquidity bridge on the one-time payment basis.  

Key features:

1. Symbol-wise markups configuration via Excel-like interface

2. Support for all MT4 trade types and securities (Forex, CFDs, indices, stocks)

3. Over 20 supported liquidity providers

4. Klondike executes limit orders and take-profits without negative slippage.

5. Partial fill for big orders is supported in Klondike Klondike is a single plugin DLL file installed to your server.

6. You have a total control, all parts are installed on your side. A plugin doesn’t manage extra services on your server.

7. WL-friendliness: each white-label broker may have its own bridge with independent LP and symbol configuration

8. Best-bid-ask aggregation engine

9. 24/5 support

10.One-time payment, no volume fees  


Customers say:  

"Basically, we needed a simple and stable bridge, easy to use, deploy and manage. Compared to others, in Takeprofit Technology we found simplicity, stability, and quick support."
Pearl Capital Markets  

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