PumaPay Review

Founded in 2017
Headquarters in Cyprus
Incorporated:  Cyprus
Company description: 

PumaPay bridges the gap between crypto holders and merchants by introducing the flexibility and scalability of credit cards on the blockchain. The PumaPay PullPayment Protocol is a reliable and simple solution that allows merchants and shoppers to pay with and get paid in cryptocurrencies, enabling common payment methods on the blockchain. As a blockchain-based solution, PumaPay helps merchants avoid chargebacks, reduce payment processing fees, design their own transactions and expand their market share by joining the PumaPay ecosystem.  

We offer: 

A unique smart-contract-based protocol, which allows merchants to easily bill in cryptocurrencies. 

Other offices: 
  • N/A
Employees:  30
Serving Forex:  Yes
Processing Volume:  N/A
Merchant Contact:  biz@pumapay.io
Business Contact:  pr@pumapay.io
Twitter:  twitter.com/PumaPay
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