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Founded in 2015
Headquarters in Germany
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NAGA, ever since its inception, in 2015, has been all about making the world of trading, investing and managing financial assets open and much easier for everyone. By doing so, NAGA has joined the new wave of companies that have set out to disrupt the financial industry by introducing new, innovative ways to use your money with technology.

What sets NAGA apart is its ecosystem: a powerful platform that seamlessly integrates all of the offerings a modern-day, technology-savvy trader and investor would need including a comprehensive set of cryptocurrency products. Crypto at NAGA isn’t limited to CFD offerings but it expands to real, physical (in the virtual sense of the word) cryptocurrencies which you can effortlessly store in your wallet and transfer to any other wallet but also exchange to fiat and back with the same ease.



Specifically, at NAGA you will find the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, which you can trade, store and exchange all within the familiar and powerful NAGA interface. The cryptocurrencies currently available at NAGA are:

NAGA Crypto instruments

NAGA states that it closely watches the crypto world, always keeping an eye on what’s out there, and always ready to update and enrich its offering with more crypto options.

NAGA Wallet & Exchange

NAGA Wallet

Just like a physical wallet, NAGA Wallet is where you store your digital money. This is where you receive and transfer crypto. What’s great about NAGA’s digital wallet solution is that it’s as easy as it’s described above. With a simple set of steps crypto assets can move in and out of your wallet, instantly as well as securely. From here, you can also withdraw your crypto in order to use them in NAGAX, the other proprietary offering that makes the crypto experience at NAGA far beyond just complete!


NAGA Exchange

This is what makes crypto at NAGA so much more enticing. Apart from the crypto/fiat pairs on NAGA Trader, the trading platform within the NAGA ecosystem, the forward-thinking trader that’s seeking to expand its portfolio with what most call the future of money, can do so on NAGA Exchange; with real cryptocurrencies, competitive commissions and limitless possibilities!


NAGA Ecosystem

Of course, NAGA as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. NAGA really shines through in that it provides a unified experience that covers all elements of trading, investing and managing wealth in a socially-enhanced manner. It offers a suite of tools that make this somewhat intimidating world more accessible and open. It provides its users with an easy to use interface and an experience that goes beyond what is expected of such platforms. Some of the features that you are urged to explore are:

NAGA Auto-Copy allows users to mirror others’ trading activity. NAGA Messenger enables communities to connect via its public channels and directly trade.

NAGA Wallet and Exchange provides a complete gateway into buying, storing and selling crypto.

NAGA Feed is the social environment that brings everyone and every feature together.

NAGA Messenger takes the social experience to the next level by letting traders interact in the global community with thousands of traders.

NAGA Mastercard allows users to get their own multi-currency card with an IBAN account for fast & reliable global transactions - users connect their trading and financial assets to the physical world, instantaneously and effortlessly.

Let us stay at the last point. You see, managing your trading assets in a simple and intuitive manner has always been a desirable feature by most traders. What NAGA achieves with NAGA Card is to give everyone the option to make the deposit and withdrawal process so much more effortless and quick. Without interchanging between apps and interfaces, your trading assets, crypto or not can be transferred directly to your NAGA Card and used instantly!

NAGA Feed & Messenger

Yet another element that gives NAGA the uncomparable advantage is how it incorporates the community within its offerings. Every single product NAGA offers is integrated in its Feed: the social network that is all about getting the feel of the community, sharing trading ideas, thoughts and strategies and finally finding knowledge from real-time, credible news to valuable educational pieces and webinars. “NAGA Feed brings everything and everyone together” it is stated and it couldn’t be more true.

The social element is taken one step further with NAGA Messenger. The only trading messenger in the world. A messenger that gives you and every trader out there the opportunity to join global discussion in NAGA’s public chats, exchange in-depth ideas about the markets and finally trade instruments directly from the messenger!

In conclusion, cryptocurrencies are a relatively new trading option that offers traders more opportunities to diversify their portfolio. Yet, most forward-thinking traders that are always on the move and constantly looking for tech solutions that are going to make their lives (and trading) much easier, won’t just look for a crypto broker. And this is where NAGA comes in! Because at NAGA every trader, regardless of their level of expertise and trading interests, can find what they are looking for. All in a welcoming and effortless environment that is above all social!


The NAGA Group AG, is a German based FinTech company publicly listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange | WKN: A161NR | ISIN: DE000A161NR7. NAGA provides distinct trading and investment services through its subsidiaries:

  1. NAGA Markets regulated by CySEC with license No. 204/13; and
  2. NAGA Global registered under the St. Vincent & the Grenadines FSA with International Business Company Number 24501 IBC 2018
Other offices: 
  • Cyprus
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Regulators:  2
Currency pairs:  N/A
Employees:  51
Execution model:  STP / Market Maker / NDD
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