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Company Overview

NAGA is one of the leading social trading platforms available to European users, and others around the globe. Similar to the eToro platform, NAGA presents its own unique spin on copy trading and has been embraced by over 1 million traders to date.

Launched in 2015 by Benjamin Bilski and Yasin Qureshi, the goal of NAGA is to make investing simple for everyone. It is a lofty goal, since investing and trading has traditionally been anything but simple. However NAGA has been quite successful in empowering traders and giving them easy access to global markets.

The NAGA team brings a wealth of experience and passion for the financial markets, and it shows. The company has been able to garner more than 1,000 four-star reviews on Trustpilot, demonstrating just how much traders love this way of approaching the markets.

Another good feature of NAGA is that it is regulated not only by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), but also by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

At NAGA traders will find more than 950 individual assets spanning cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, and futures. There truly is something for everyone here.

As of August 2021 there are nearly 7,000 traders on the auto-copy leaderboard, which means anyone using NAGA has access to copy the trades of nearly 7,000 successful traders. It is a great way for beginners to get started and learn the strategies and techniques used to profit in the markets.

NAGA clients can use the proprietary NAGA trading platform to get access to the auto copy feature, or they can simply do their own copy trades manually using the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. In either case NAGA has made a number of training materials available, called the NAGA Academy, which can help improve trading knowledge.

There is a large, active and supportive community to tap into, and with the NAGA Radar feature you can even connect with traders who are close to you physically. Whether in-person or online, NAGA makes it easy to share trading ideas and results.

The NAGA messenger option allows for direct messages, and you can create group chats or join expert-led public channels.

NAGA Auto Copy Trading

One of the key tenants of NAGA is the promotion of transparency, and that is why every NAGA profile online is visible to every registered trader at NAGA. This profile shows the assets traded, win-rates, overall performance of the trader, and much more.

Any trader with an acceptable performance will get added to the NAGA leader board, which increases the visibility and the chance of others copying your trades. It is also where traders can go to find the best performing traders to copy.

Trading is challenging, and its well known that novice traders have a failure rate of over 95%. By contrast, the top traders at NAGA have a win rate of over 80% (July 2021). This means auto trading can help the novice trader learn and get past the period in which they are most likely to fail.

Earning from Copy Trading

The best part is that if you are successful enough others will begin copying your trades, and for each copy you get paid, immediately. The better your trading results the more people will copy you. Copy trade bonuses are based on the tier and start at $0.12 per copy, but can go as high as $1.20 per copy for those in the NAGA Popular Investor program. In addition to the large bonuses, those in the Popular Investor program receive all the following benefits:

· $50 Bonus per referred autocopier

· Own exclusive channel on NAGA Messenger

· Personal NAGA Popular Investor Analytics Dashboard

· Personal Concierge service

· Be Featured in Popular Investor Marketing and Media

· Founders' Circle Events

To be considered for the Popular Investor program you will need at least 500 auto-copy followers, a 70% win-rate, a minimum of 5 trades per week, and a minimum of two posts on the NAGA Feed per week. Top Popular Investors have been known to make over €100,000 per month!

Available Assets

NAGA offers over 950 different assets, which means there is plenty of opportunities for every type of trader. Those assets span the following classes:

· Forex: 11 of the most popular forex pairs are available.

· Cryptocurrency: CFDs on 22 different cryptocurrencies and 27 pairings.

· Indices: 6 major indices are available, including the S&P 500 and the DAX 30.

· ETFs: Invest in 17 of the world’s top exchange traded funds.

· Commodities: 9 different commodities, including popular metals and energies, in addition to agricultural assets like wheat and corn.

· Shares: Trade on hundreds of the top global company shares with low spreads, competitive fees, and no commissions.

NAGA Trading Education

Those looking for more trading education can find it at NAGA, where the Trading Academy has scores of videos, articles, and eBooks. There is also a frequently updated blog, and webinars conducted on a daily basis during the trading week. The webinars are an excellent resource for learning about trading and they cover a myriad of topics that are essential to trading systems and strategies.

In Conclusion

It is obvious that NAGA has much to offer traders, particularly those interested in social trading. Do not take our word for it though, just look at the 1 million traders who have already registered an account with NAGA.

Copy trading is increasingly popular, and NAGA has some truly outstanding tools and features, particularly the auto-copy feature that allows you to automatically copy the trades of successful NAGA traders. We also love the transparency and the ability to see the stats of those on the leader board. It makes it so much easier to conduct a good copy trading strategy.

Opening an account is quick and easy, and the $250 minimum deposit is well within reach of most new traders.

With the ability to trade in over 950 assets, regulation from CySEC and the FCA, and all the social tools, there is little reason not to open a NAGA account and begin trading today.

Full Breakdown Filters

Full Breakdown

Full Breakdown

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