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Devexperts—A Trading Platform Provider for CFD, Crypto, and Stock Brokers

Devexperts is a trading platform provider for retail and institutional brokers, exchanges, investment funds, and wealth management firms. Devexperts has been building trading solutions since 2002. Over 20 million traders use their technology daily.

Devexperts has a full suite of trading platforms for brokers ranging from startups to established ones. At the core of Devexperts solutions, there is a suite of dealing and management tools. They enable brokers to proactively manage risk by removing the need for never-ending groups. Instead, brokers take complete control of their brokerage operations by employing execution settings for A/B/hybrid book hedging destinations.

Devexperts platforms are liquidity agnostic and enable brokers to choose any LP best suited to their business model. The company offers a dedicated account manager to every client, speeding up communication.

On this note, let's dive into the solutions and bespoke products the company offers to brokers, helping them gain an edge.

Devexperts trading software for FX and CFD brokers

DXtrade CFD trading platform:

DXtrade CFD is a turnkey trading platform for FX and CFD brokers that combines advanced trading tools with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform enables brokers to manage all aspects of their user accounts and to secure access to liquidity from multiple sources.

Devexpert Trading platforms screenshot
Trading Platforms

Moreover, DXtrade CFD offers such features as advanced charting, a live news feed, and four order types. Brokers can get DXtrade CFD up and running in a week and receive a distinguishable UI with embedded trading tools such as Performance Dashboard and Trading Journal.

This is a ready-to-deploy trading platform with all the essential components that can be customized according to a broker's business vision and goals. The trading components ready for customization are:

Web trading terminal:

Regardless of the backend platform, Devexperts web trader software is designed to provide an optimal user experience on any device. It is intuitive and provides users with a modern interface built according to the latest trends and best UI/UX practices.

The web trader also supports various third-party integrations, so it can be connected to CRM, KYC, and money processor systems to provide a comprehensive solution.

As the platform is 100% cloud-based and serviced, it is easy to scale and upgrade resources without compromising performance. It also supports multiple languages, making it suitable for brokers looking to expand their business globally.

Mobile trading platform:

New brokers can quickly build and grow their client base using Devexperts' proprietary mobile trading platform. It is secure, reliable, and fast, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. With on-the-go trading, customers can access their accounts from anywhere in the world. The platform supports both iOS and Android.

The company ensures the KYC and other security formalities are done seamlessly on the broker’s end, and their customers can enjoy a hassle-free trading experience.

Devexperts offers mobile trading platforms for various market instruments, including stocks, ETFs, options, indices, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and more. Moreover, the platform supports a wide range of payment methods, making it easy for customers to deposit on the go.

Charting library (DXcharts):

Brokers can upgrade and fuel their trading apps with the best HTML5 finance charting libraries that help maximize the end-user experience. Charting libraries are designed to be highly compatible with desktop and mobile devices, enabling traders to access real-time data on the go.

DXcharts has 13 chart types, 80 indicators and oscillators, multiple chart scaling options, multiple-time frames, and 42 drawing tools. This makes it easy for traders to analyze and make informed decisions about their investments, regardless of the device used.

Brokers can access the source code to customize the charts to their specific needs. As the complete integration is white-label, customers can design the charting library per their branding needs using their own logo at the bottom or leaving the charting widget without any logo.

Order management system:

DXOMS is a broker-neutral and platform-neutral order management system. With the help of DXOMS, brokers can easily combine and prioritize orders while managing the risks involved.

DXOMS can support a number of advanced order types including stop-loss and trailing-stop orders. In addition, it provides an integrated user experience with advanced order routing capabilities.

This system is backed by a robust risk management engine that helps brokers detect and manage any risks involved with the order. Furthermore, DXOMS is integrated with multiple liquidity providers to ensure a seamless trading experience.

It’s also liquidity provider-agnostic, making it possible to connect to a provider of broker’s choice. The DXOMS architecture offers many benefits like external application support, automated order routing, back-testing facilities, comprehensive reporting functions, and more.

Risk management:

Risk management is crucial for any broker as it aids the platform owner in identifying and mitigating losses. Devexperts has a comprehensive risk management system that allows brokers to monitor traders’ positions, limit market exposure, and manage order routing.

The risk management system ensures that transactions are compliant with all rules and regulations. It enables brokers to create a predefined set of conditions that must be met before a trade is executed. These conditions include price limits, order sizes, and leverage limits.

Brokers offering OTC instruments (margin FX, spread bets, CFDs, FX options, etc) also have access to in-depth analysis tools that help them access market risks and make more informed decisions.

Brokers have a wide range of execution settings from which they can set exposure limits and tiered margin settings, define smart order routing rules, and much more.

Moreover, with robust account management, Devexperts provides the facility to manage multiple accounts with different traders and asset classes.

FIX/FAST gateways:

Their team offers custom development of FIX and FAST gateways to ensure seamless trading platform integration with various liquidity providers. These gateways provide a reliable and secure connection for the exchange of financial information.

Custom FIX and FAST gateway integration lets clients directly access all the international and local markets along with real-time market-data processing. Moreover, it allows brokers to process orders from clients quickly and securely.

Devexperts has more than 20 years of experience developing custom FIX and FAST gateways. Their gateway solutions are designed to comply with regulatory standards and provide a rich set of features.

Using this gateway, a broker can establish higher transparency with their clients and offer automated order management. It allows brokers to process large volumes of orders quickly, accurately, and easily.

With low latency in data delivery, clients can have a more efficient trading experience. Furthermore, the gateway supports various technologies and protocols like FIX, FAST, REST, and JSON.

AI-powered chatbot for brokers by Devexperts:


Devexa chatbot and virtual assistant supports traders and brokers. Traders can use it to request real-time quotes, fundamentals, charts, and news in their preferred messenger or in the web platform.

Brokers can leverage Devexa as an additional channel to broadcast marketing messages after mining conversational data for ideas. This chatbot also lowers customer care costs as an AI concierge can handle repetitive inquiries with preloaded broker-specific FAQ.

Brokers can leverage this feature to appeal to a large customer base as Devexa supports various third-party platforms like Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Google Assistant, and Messenger.

Devexpa Value for traders screenshot

With its advanced AI capabilities, Devexa can provide traders with personalized advice and unique strategies.

Using Devexa, you can offer your customers a highly information-focused experience. In addition, traders can ask Devexa to set custom alerts for various events and get notified in real-time.

Devexperts services for brokers:

Along with FX, CFD and crypto trading platforms for brokers, their team also offers performance-driven services to help brokers achieve success. Let's look at the services they offer:

Financial software development:

Regarding financial software development, Devexperts offers 360° coverage for brokers. They have expertise in creating fully tailored software solutions from scratch, integrating existing systems and applications, and extending their functionality.

Their team can build you web and mobile trading applications, exchanges and dark pools, trading simulators, and more.

Devexperts also offers business and functional analysis, UI/UX design, quality assurance and testing, software integration services, and 24/7 maintenance and support.

The development expertise and financial industry knowledge allow Devexperts to provide brokers with intuitive, secure, and high-performance trading software.

Devexperts performs in-depth research and uses the latest technologies to deliver tailor-made products that meet the needs of their customers. Their track record is backed up by a page with case studies that give an idea of how versatile their projects are.

UI/UX design services:

As more people become interested in trading and investing, the audience of financial apps becomes increasingly diverse. Brokers need to accommodate all kinds of clients: with zero trading experience and seasoned investors, those who are into day trading and long-term investors, and so on.

It might sound challenging but not for a vendor who can design a modern and intuitive UI/UX. Devexperts has a team of experienced UI/UX designers who understand the industry and create user-friendly interfaces and experiences based on user analytics and research.

Financial system maintenance and support:

The success of a trading platform heavily depends on how well it is maintained and supported. Devexperts offers comprehensive maintenance and support services that can help brokers enhance their customers’ experience.

Devexperts will ensure that your clients have a secure and uninterrupted trading experience. Their team can help you optimize your software performance and address any bugs and errors.

Devexperts has expertise in developing tools for the graphic representation of information, incident prevention, isolation, and correction of faults and errors with surgical precision. Along with this, they offer real-time monitoring with historical data tracking and high operational reliability.

Furthermore, they provide 24/7 customer assistance to ensure that all issues are resolved quickly, and customers can access your trading solutions.

Fintech consulting:

Devexperts offers fintech consulting services that can help brokers find solutions for business scaling and differentiation.

They also have expertise in developing automated solutions for compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition to getting acquainted with compliance, it helps brokers better understand customer behavior.

Whether you need help regarding business process analysis, legislation, software engineering processes, or security setup, Devexperts can help you achieve your goals. They have a team of experienced consultants that provides valuable insights and strategies that can help brokers outperform in their space.

AI/ML development services from brokers:

Devexperts offers AI/ML development services to help brokers employ them for trading and investment. Their team has expertise in predictive analytics, natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU), speech recognition, and risk evaluation. This helps Devexperts develop automated solutions that accurately predict market trends and increase customer engagement.

One of the AI/ML solutions available out of the box is Devexa, a chatbot and virtual assistant for brokers and traders. She acts as a fallback solution when a broker’s trading platform is down, automates customer support, and increases client engagement through personalized communication.

Quality assurance and test automation:

Devexperts also offers quality assurance and test automation services. Their team is well-versed in different testing methods that can help brokers ensure trouble-free performance of their trading platforms. Devexperts identifies potential issues within a trading platform before it goes live and makes sure that all features work as expected.

Their QA services cover unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, and regression testing. They also provide test automation services that can help brokers save time and money.

The Devexperts quality assurance team is ISTQB certified, meaning they have the expertise to test complex business logic and provide reliable results. It ensures that your application is bug-free, secure, and meets all customer requirements.

Devexperts in a nutshell:

Devexperts is a leading provider of trading platforms and software for brokers. Their team has extensive experience in software engineering processes & development, ML development, quality assurance, and test automation. They also offer innovative solutions like AR/VR and blockchain smart contracts that can help brokers create trading platforms that are ahead of the competition.

Whether you need help with software engineering, ML development, or quality assurance services, Devexperts can provide brokers with the best offer for the best possible trading experience of their customers.

With a short time to market, they can also help brokers quickly launch new products or add an alternative trading platform to the existing platform range. Devexperts is a reliable partner for brokers, and their team is committed to helping them succeed.

In conclusion, Devexperts platforms are an excellent choice for brokers looking for reliable fintech solutions and 24/7 support. Their experienced team is always ready to help brokers create the best trading platforms that meet customer expectations and comply with regulations.


What products and services does Devexperts offer?

Devexperts offers DXtrade, a turnkey trading platform ready for white-labeling for FX, CFD, and crypto brokers. There is also DXcharts, an advanced charting library ready to be embedded into any platform or website, and Devexa, an AI-powered chatbot assisting brokers’ help desks.

Among the services are financial software development, ML development, quality assurance, test automation, and outsourced maintenance and support.

Why should brokers opt for custom platforms?

Custom trading platforms are the best option for brokers as they can be tailored to meet their specific needs. It is also possible to buy out the source code of their custom solution, thus gaining protection against vendor lock-in.

Does Devexperts follow country-specific trading requirements?

Yes, Devexperts team creates trading platforms that meet regulator’s requirements in different jurisdictions.

Do they offer cloud-based solutions?

Devexperts offers single-tenant cloud architecture that helps brokers reduce operational costs and mitigate risks related to integrity and confidentiality.

How old is the company?

Devexperts was founded in 2002 and has since grown to become a leader in the fintech industry, providing software and supporting biggest brokerages in the US and Europe.

Can brokers trust Devexperts with their data?

Yes, brokers can trust Devexperts to keep their data secure. They use the latest security measures, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure data safety.

What are the advantages of using Devexperts' solutions?

Devexperts offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Low setup and running cost
  • Native iOS/Android apps in the stores under the broker’s account
  • Maintained, monitored, and supported 24/7
  • Liquidity agnostic, choose any LP
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Single tenant deployment

How to contact the Devexperts team?

They have global offices across ten countries, and you can call them or contact them using the contact form.

Where is Devexperts headquarters?

Their headquarters is located in Munich, Germany.

Can brokers get product demos?

Yes, brokers can sign up for a platform demo via this link https://dx.trade/request-a-demo/ or request product demos by the Devexperts team to get a comprehensive overview of the company’s solutions and have their questions answered.

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