Founded in 2012
Headquarters in Cyprus
Company description: 

PLUGIT is a prime financial software provider with extensive experience and a proven track record of excellence in the financial trading industry.

We offer unparalleled services ranging from cloud-hosting and integration to solution development, implementation, and post-go-live support.

Our core competency is the development of world-class interactive trading system tools and solutions, seamlessly integrated into Metatrader 4 and 5, and other popular trading platforms.

Our key offering YOONIT is a cloud-based modular trading support platform for brokerage companies. YOONIT provides centralized back-end management and enables closer cooperation between business units and enhanced performance across all metrics. 

  • Intuitive interface with easy setup
  • Maximized flexibility, fully scalable and customizable
  • Full automation with real-time synchronization
  • Multilingual dashboard

YOONIT encompasses a complete Back Office to monitor the activity and profitability of Traders, IBs, Money Managers and other stakeholders, while the Client and IB Portals provide more vital intelligence on various kinds of clients, Introducing Brokers and Affiliates.

  • Onboard clients
  • Conveniently handle leads
  • Perform KYC and compliance checks
  • Keep track of lead conversion and client retention data

Brokers can grant varying levels of access to different users across their workforce, to optimize hierarchical workflows and safeguard sensitive data. 

In addition, YOONIT includes state of the art MAM/PAMM module and the tiered Dynamic Margin module, for effective risk management.

By adopting our technology, companies can realize true business success.

PLUGIT is a Gold Microsoft partner and a certified cloud solutions provider.

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Modular trading support in one comprehensive system, covering:   - Risk management - Multi-asset management - Affiliate/IB management - Promotional campaigns management - Performance management, CRM  and Analytics 

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