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Comprehensive PLUGIT Apps Review

PLUGIT Apps overview

PLUGIT is a full-fledged platform that provides robust web-based trading solutions to brokers worldwide.

Founded in 2012, PLUGIT has been at the forefront of cutting-edge trading technology and solutions that make a difference to Forex brokers worldwide. It is a certified software provider catering to the global financial trading industry.

The company has a team of highly-skilled professionals with extensive experience in the Forex industry.

The company is headquartered in Cyprus, offering multiple broker-focused solutions and services. It has a client base of over 100+ renowned brokerages worldwide.

It offers scalable solutions to forex business owners, ensuring they have a technology edge over their competitors.

The team at this platform is always striving to deliver the best possible experience to their clients.

Some popular solutions this platform offers are partner management, risk management, money management, and many more.

This comprehensive review will look at all solutions found on the trading platform. In addition, they offer personalized trading solutions to small and big brokers.

It focuses on developing flexible and scalable solutions to provide the best possible experience to its clients. All PLUGIT products aim to meet the specific needs of the client.

The company offers a wide range of solutions catering to all aspects of online forex trading. Let’s deep dive into PLUGIT review to know this platform in detail:

PLUGIT apps security overview

Their team is committed to offering highly secure solutions to their clients. The company has implemented the latest security measures to ensure that all client data is safe and secure.

Brokers' all data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. In addition, the company has a strict privacy policy to protect its clients' confidential information.

The company employs the latest technologies and practices to keep its systems secure. They have a dedicated security team that monitors the systems round the clock to identify potential threats.

In addition, the company has put in place multiple layers of security to protect its clients' data. Moreover, they also offer a dedicated risk management solution that helps brokers to manage and monitor their risks.

Using their tools, brokers can monitor their risks in real-time and take proactive measures to mitigate them. It is an industry leader with 10+ years of experience providing cutting-edge solutions to the forex industry.

Their team utilizes the latest security and data safety practices to ensure that their client's data is always safe and secure. Moreover, the team comprehensively tests all their tools and forex broker solutions to ensure you get the best experience.

As a result, over a hundred leading brokers trust their operations to PLUGIT, a testament to the reliability and trustworthiness of the company.

PLUGIT Apps Pricing

Pricing for PLUGIT Apps solutions depends on your exact needs so that the company can offer a tailor-made solution for your brokerage. You can contact the sales team to get a personalized quote for your business.

The company provides a free demo for all their products so that you can try features to check if they meet your requirements. The PLUGIT team is always available to answer any queries that you may have about their products.

Different solutions offered by the platform

It offers a variety of solutions that cater to the different needs of the forex industry. Let's look at all PLUGIT forex solutions in detail:

Partner Management Solution

Plugit partner management solution
Partner management solution

Brokers can scale their IB network worldwide with the help of the powerful partner management solution offered by the platform.

The solution helps brokers to track their IBs' performance and manage pay-outs and commissions. The solution is designed to help brokers expand their reach and scale their businesses quickly.

Their partner management solution offers an intuitive client area where IBs can log in and check their performance. The client area is designed to help IBs track their activity, commissions, and pay-outs. In addition, with a multi-tiered pay-out system, brokers can offer different commission structures to their IBS.

The solution also provides a powerful affiliate tracking system that helps brokers track the activity of their affiliates. This solution allows brokers to establish long-term relationships with their IBs and affiliates.

Along with this, the partner management solution offers an instant commission distribution option. This feature helps brokers to pay their IBs instant commissions for every trade they generate.

This feature is designed to help brokers motivate their IBs to create more business. Moreover, brokers can personalize their registration forms to collect all the information they need from their IBs.

Finally, with an advanced portfolio and reporting analysis, brokers can track the performance of their IBs and affiliates.

Risk Management Solution

Plugit Risk management solution
Risk management

In our PLUGIT review, we found that their risk management solution is a powerful tool that helps brokers manage and minimize their exposure to trade risk.

Effective risk management is one of the critical features of any successful brokerage, and the PLUGIT solution is elegant and highly effective.

The dynamic margin solution helps brokers automatically adjust margin and leverage across their portfolio. The intelligent automation in the system adjusts the available margin and leverage levels on offer according to individual brokers' rules.

The solution offers a variety of features, such as risk monitoring, alerts, and reporting. With real-time leverage adjustments, brokers can effectively manage risks and create safe trading conditions for their clients.

In addition, as the risk management solution comes with a robust unified dashboard, brokers can easily monitor all their client trade activity in one place.

Their bespoke solution works on a rule-based algorithm, meaning it is highly customizable, and once you set the rules, Dynamic Margin automatically takes care of the rest.

Their risk management solution comes with a robust analytics feature. This option helps brokers track the performance of their clients. With this feature, brokers can identify potential risks and take corrective measures to mitigate them.

In addition, the analytics feature offers a variety of reports, such as risk exposure reports, client profitability reports, etc.

Money Management Solution

Plugit Money management solution
Money management

Their money management solution for MT4 and MT5 brokers is an advanced and comprehensive tool that allows brokers to offer MAM and PAMM services to their clients, products with a proven track record of increasing trader acquisition and retention metrics.

The system also offers Copy Trading functionality. Copy Trading is one of the fastest growing segments in the forex industry. The PLUGIT solution is effective and highly efficient as an added broker offering.

Leveraging this technology, brokers can generate new revenue avenues by offering robust copy trading to their clients. The solution allows brokers to provide their clients with a wide range of copy trading options while maintaining complete control over the copying process.

In addition, the solution offers a flexible commission structure that allows brokers to charge their clients based on the copied trade's volume, number of trades, or both.

With this solution, brokers can offer their clients a variety of copy trading strategies, including mirror trading, social trading, and PAMM investing.

Bonus Management Solution

Plugit Bonus management solution
Bonus management

Offering bonuses on your platform is the easiest way to grow your client base. The platform has designed its bonus management solution to help you automate the process of providing and managing bonuses on your platform.

The solution offers a wide range of features, such as custom bonus rules, automatic profit calculation, and many more. In our PLUGIT review, we found that the solution is fully customizable with easy integration into your existing system.

Brokers can create flexible bonus rules according to their business needs and offer automatically calculated bonuses. Moreover, the solution provides a comprehensive reporting system that helps brokers track the performance of their bonus program.

The bonus system also comes with robust safeguarding of the broker's interests. To ensure the clients do not abuse the bonuses, the system automatically calculates the profit and loss for each client. As the system tracks all activities in real time, it becomes easier for brokers to identify and prevent any system abuse.

In addition, brokers can boost their client acquisition and retention rate by offering attractive deposit bonuses. Finally, the solution makes it easy for brokers to manage and monitor all bonus programs in one place.

With the prioritized campaigns feature of the bonus management solution, brokers can improve overall client involvement.

In addition, the solution makes it easy for brokers to design and implement bonus programs targeted toward specific client segments. For instance, a broker can offer a deposit bonus to attract new clients or a loyalty bonus to improve the retention rate of existing clients.

Finally, with the help of this solution, brokers can easily monitor and track the performance of their bonus programs.

Admin And Client Portal Solution

Plugit Admin & Client portal
Admin & Client portal

It offers interactive web interfaces and a web-based portal for the administrator and the clients. The client portal manages client account performance, deposits, and withdrawals. It also allows customers to contact customer support and view educational materials.

The admin portal helps manage user accounts, monitor server performance, and check fraud. In addition, brokers can set up a fully-fledged admin back-office to streamline the complex manual processes among their different departments.

From managing compliance procedures to KYC and AML processing, the PLUGIT solution is a one-stop shop for all your back-office needs. The best part about this solution is that it is fully customizable and can be easily integrated into your existing workflows.

Additionally, brokers also get dedicated client and partner areas to keep track of all their interactions. From personal data management to funding operations and client onboarding, the PLUGIT solution makes it easy to manage all your brokerage operations from a single platform.

Fully-fledged CRM Solution

Plugit CRM solution

A broker must have a good CRM solution to manage customer relationships effectively. PLUGIT's customizable CRM solution helps manage all interactions with clients, partners, and third-party services.

With the help of this CRM solution, brokers can easily keep track of all their customer interactions and take necessary actions accordingly.

The CRM solution has a dedicated customer support area where brokers can quickly resolve all customer queries. The CRM has easy client lifecycle management, covering the entire customer journey from acquisition to retention. It also has a powerful partner management module to track all partners' interactions.

The CRM solution is effective for quick process automation that helps in saving time and resources. The platform claims that brokers can save up to 70% of the time in document processing and customer onboarding with the help of its CRM solution.

With instant system notifications, brokers can easily track all the activities in the CRM. The solution also comes with a dedicated reporting module that gives an overview of all the activities taking place in the CRM.


All the trading support tools you need in one place

YOONIT represents the ultimate broker management system with a centralized modular support system composed of five crucial business tools to mix & match. Everything your brokerage needs in one place.

The YOONIT modular approach means brokers can choose which of the PLUIGIT products they wish to use, and these connect seamlessly inside the YOONIT interface.

All YOONIT modules are manageable from a single dashboard where you can connect and operate multiple MT4 and MT5 servers and client pools and increase operational efficiency.

A centralized structure allows brokers to reduce their overall operational costs and instead focus on their profit generation YOONIT comes with dedicated resource allocation, zero volume fees, and near zero downtime.

The modular nature of YOONIT means brokers can be up and running on the system in days instead of weeks. In addition, the Microsoft Azure infrastructure ensures security and scalability.

PLUGIT Apps in a nutshell

PLUGIT is a comprehensive solution for forex brokers that offers a wide range of products and services. With multiple solutions, brokers can easily find what they need on the PLUGIT platform. Overall, it is a one-stop shop for all your forex brokerage needs.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of solutions that cater to the different aspects of forex trading. So, if you are looking for an end-to-end trading solution for your brokerage, PLUGIT is the right choice.


What is PLUGIT?

PLUGIT is a certified trading technology solutions and services provider to make overall platform management easier.

What services does PLUGIT offer?

PLUGIT offers many solutions, including CRM, risk management, bonus management, and many more.

What is the client base of PLUGIT?

The client base of PLUGIT comprises more than 100+ renowned brokerages worldwide.

Does PLUGIT offer a demo?

Yes, PLUGIT offers a free demo to its clients. You can sign up for the free demo from their website.

How much does PLUGIT cost?

The pricing of PLUGIT depends on the features you select and the size of your broker. You can request a quote from the PLUGIT website.

What are the payment methods accepted by PLUGIT?

PLUGIT accepts both crypto and fiat currencies. You can pay through a wire transfer, credit/debit card, or any popular e-wallet service.

What is the customer support of PLUGIT?

The customer support of PLUGIT is excellent. In addition, they offer priority email support to their clients.

Does PLUGIT have a mobile app?

No, PLUGIT does not have a mobile app. However, all their solutions, including YOONIT, are optimized for mobile devices and desktops.

How secure is PLUGIT?

PLUGIT takes data security and privacy very seriously. They have implemented multiple layers of security to ensure that all data is safe and secure.

Where is PLUGIT's headquarters?

The headquarters of PLUGIT is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Do PLUGIT offer a money-back guarantee?

You need to contact PLUGIT customer support to learn about their refund policy.

Is PLUGIT a good choice for my brokerage?

Yes, PLUGIT is a good choice for your brokerage as it offers a wide range of solutions.

What are the pros of using PLUGIT?

Some of the pros of using PLUGIT are its user-friendly interface, excellent customer support, and affordable pricing.

Who can use PLUGIT solutions?

Both startups and established brokers can use PLUGIT solutions.

How long does it take to set up PLUGIT?

The time required to set up PLUGIT depends on the size and complexity of your brokerage, but with the modular approach the company takes, client onboarding is a matter of days.

Customer Support

Customer Support Plugit is always within reach with offices in Cyprus and China. Their support team is available 24/7 for any client queries and emergencies, and staff standing by to answer questions about YOONIT or to set up a free demonstration of the platform.
Phone: +357 250 250 26
Webform: https://plugitapps.com/contact/
Email: support@plugitapps.com, info@plugitapps.com, sales@plugitapps.com

To reiterate, Plugit has met or exceeded our expectations at every level. The company checks off all the requisite boxes when analyzing financial software provider. Their versatile solutions such as YOONIT are known and respected in the industry. We believe that long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships can be built with Plugit.

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