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Jalal Faour is a devoted entrepreneur and thought leader with over 9 years of experience in the IT and FX industry, coupled with a strong programming background. His current venture PLUGIT, founded in 2012 and based in Cyprus, is specialized in providing automated management solutions to Forex Brokers. Before PLUGIT, Jalal was a co-founder of Intelligent Business Solutions (IBS), another IT company that offered innovative software solutions to clients across multiple industry sectors.  His extensive knowledge and experience in software development together with his unique ability to create a productive and rewarding work environment are the key factors of delivering unrivaled products and services in the FX industry. Jalal holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering which he earned while embarking on his career journey.

PLUGIT is a certified software development firm specialized in the Forex industry, with international presence and professional services ranging from cloud-hosting and integration to solution development, implementation, and support. The company employs a professional global team working around the clock to ensure the provision of the outstanding solutions the company has been known for since its inception.

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