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The Forex Expo 2021 Dubai - Exclusive interview with PLUGIT

Jalal Faour

We know Plugit is a leading technology provider, could you please tell us more about your company and your offering to our audience?

Yes, of course, but firstly thank you for having us here. Plugit was founded in 2012 and in recent years we have experienced rapid growth, thus establishing ourselves as a reliable technology provider backed by an experienced team capable of bringing innovative solutions to the market and providing world-class service to an international client base.

We are specialized in advanced trade supporting solutions for retail brokers of all sizes operating on the MT4 & MT5. Our flagship product YOONIT is a centralized modular management and support system, comprised of robust solutions and back-office tools, including IB/Affiliate portal, MAM/PAMM with copy trading functionality, Bonus Automation, Dynamic Margin modules, and CRM, all of which are manageable from a single interface. In addition we provide custom development, integration services and technical support.

How did the Forex Expo 2021 in Dubai go for Plugit?

It was great attending Dubai Forex Expo for the first time, meeting new people and catching up with our partners, clients, and friends. As a part of being a Gold Sponsor of the event, we were given an opportunity to be one of the guest speakers, so we used that time to demonstrate the many benefits of a centralized system and how implementing it will help brokers operate more efficiently. Even before attending the expo, we have noticed an increasing interest in our solutions from the MENA region, both from established brokers as well as start-ups and participants looking to set up their brokerage.

Coming to the expo made it easy for our potential clients to meet us in person and discuss mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations, as well as get a demonstration of the YOONIT system and its advanced capabilities. Overall, the expo was a great success with exciting meetups and many newly established leads, clients, and partnerships.

Can you tell us more about the Yoonit system?

YOONIT provides centralized back-end management, coupled with an intuitive user interface and easy configuration. With a unique toolkit at their fingertips, users can handle complex tasks. Brokers can connect multiple MT4 and MT5 servers and White Labels under one dashboard and can manage all the elements that make up their business from one place instantly.

The system is designed to maximize flexibility, emphasizing scalability, customization, and ease of use, with full automation, real-time synchronization, and a multilingual dashboard for a global client base. The centralized nature of our offering gives brokers the ability to have multiple tools in one place, with the option to choose the modules that best fit their business needs.

One of the most popular modules of YOONIT is MAM/PAMM module, which allows brokers to service Money Managers and other professional investors as well as regular private traders. Complete with copy trading functionalities plus advanced performance statistics and trade analysis, it is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding user.

A multi-tiered IB/Affiliate module provides full automation of managing partnerships and commission pay-outs, including unlimited hierarchical schemes and the ability to monitor Sub-IBs’ performance, set up unique IB structures and payment schemes.

The intuitive CRM module will help brokers meet regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions and offers complete control over fund transfer, deposit and withdrawal, account settings and more. When it comes to promotions and bonus schemes, the platform’s Bonus Automation module can manage an unlimited number of campaigns set up according to a wide range of criteria. From first deposit bonuses to redeposit incentives, the system will also safeguard the broker from bonus abuse.

Lastly, our flagship tiered margin risk management solution – YOONIT’s Dynamic Margin module, protects clients by automatically reducing leverage when exposure rises. During periods of unexpectedly large trading volumes, it has proven its worth time and again.

YOONIT gives brokers control by a centralization of operations, provides stability, and enables them to offer exceptional all-round service to generate higher profits, while significantly reducing operational costs.

Plugit has been in the industry for almost a decade with a good reputation to match. What’s your winning recipe?

Since our inception, we have entered each partnership with one goal in mind, to provide reliable technology solutions and form longstanding and mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, where they can rely on us throughout the journey. Naturally, the trust that our clients have for us and the solutions we provide is humbling and motivate us to never stop improving.

As a company, we are driven by clients’ benefit rather than making money, something that allows us to push the boundaries in tech development and exceeding our clients’ expectations. This has all been made possible by our employees which all share the same vision and strive to drive value in everything they do, contributing to our clients’ growth and success, no matter if it is a start-up or an established brokerage.

What can the brokers expect from Plugit this year or in the near future?

Our team is continuously working on improving the YOONIT system, developing tools and expanding it with new modules and features that will further optimize our clients’ operations. This can be seen in the recently released YOONIT V2, which is a big update of the previous version. Our ongoing discussion with clients and other brokers helps us understand their needs and improving their experience by adding new tools to the system.

Something that we are excited about sharing with brokers soon is the release of our YOONIT mobile app which will present greater flexibility to our clients and will allow them to manage their business on the go.

At Plugit, we are continuously challenging ourselves to improve our product’s user experience, security as well as our company’s customer service. We have many plans going forward, and we will tackle them one by one.

Source: https://www.theforexexpo.com/dubai2021/
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