iSignthis Ltd (ASX:ISX/FRA:TA8) Review

Founded in 2013
Headquarters in Australia

iSignthis is a leading payments and identity technology company, publicly listed on the Australian Securities and Frankfurt Stock Exchange listed iSignthis Ltd (ASX: ISX / FRA: TA8). The company's core services include remote identity verification, payment authentication and processing, and card acquiring services offered through our patented Paydentity™ and ISXPay®solutions.  

By converging payments and identity, we enable online businesses to on-board paying customers in 3 to 5 minutes, offering high conversion rates and a global reach to any of the world’s 4.3Bn ‘bank verified’ card or account holders, whilst meeting compliance requirements to an enhanced customer due diligence standard.

iSignthis is the trusted back office solution for regulated entities, allowing our customers to stay ahead of the regulatory curve and focus on growing their core business.

Our Headquarter office is in Melbourne, Australia, our Operations Centre in Cyprus and with regional offices in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Other offices: 
  • Netherlands
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We offer a complete identity and payment solution to online merchants. 

The iSignthis Paydentity solution converges payments with KYC identification, automating and simplifying on-boarding processes, to deliver enhanced due diligence.

The Paydentity solution includes: 

  • Digital KYC
  • Strong Customer Authentication 
  • CNP Fraud Prevention 
  • Payment Gateway

Additional features also include: 

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Card Tokenisation 
  • Intelligent Routing 
  • Transaction Monitoring 
  • Threshold Management 

The Paydentity process works by dynamically creating a one-time ‘secret’ by randomly dividing the sales amount into two partial prepayments. This dynamic one time ‘secret’ is retrievable only by the account holder accessing their secure online or telephone banking account portal. By being able to retrieve this ‘secret’, the customer proves ownership of the account.

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Verify ownership of cards & accounts

Our patented Paydentity process verifies the ownership of a remotely presented payment instrument by requiring the customer to retrieve a dynamically created ‘secret’ from their account portal. This process gives merchants the compelling evidence to defend against fraudulent chargebacks.

High conversion rates

Perform KYC and pay only for the customers who are willing to engage and pay for your services. Ensure that payments and KYC are aligned to maximise conversions of paying customers.

Global reach

Reach 3.5Bn financially included persons in over 200 countries. If your customer can make an online payment, the Paydentity process can be applied.

Automated KYC workflow

Manual processes take between 3-21 working days. Our Digital KYC service generates an automated dynamic KYC workflow in as little as 3-5 minutes using the most reliable, independent and up-to-date source of KYC data.


Exceeds international regulations

We provide the basis for remote customer due diligence and KYC compliance with the EU’s 3rd and 4th AML Directives, the incoming European Supervisory Authority Risk Factor Guidelines, the PSD2, the US BSA & Patriot Act and other global regulatory requirements.

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