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 Alexey Kutsenko, Chief Executive Officer of Tools For Brokers

Alexey Kutsenko was educated in the field of physics and mathematics. He began his career at a brokerage firm holding a leadership position in dealings and tech development department. During the first three years of service there he was promoted to Department Head. In 2009, he founded his own company, Tools For Brokers Pte. Ltd, which today is one the leading international technology companies providing innovative software solutions to brokerage firms in the foreign exchange market. In 2013, Alexei became a member of the International Finance Commission's Dispute Resolution Committee. Alexey’s deep understanding of the trading market coupled with his extensive experience in the field of software development, allowed him to become a true international expert in providing solutions and consulting companies in the Forex market. In addition to mastering the broker/dealer activities, in 2015, Alexey received the qualification of a Specialist in Securities Management. In 2017, he became a co-founder of the distributed decentralized crypto platform for trust management, Genesis Vision.

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