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PumaPay Business Console MVP is Here


Following the release of the Business Console prototype last month, we are thrilled to announce that development is complete and delivered as promised in Q1.

It is such an exciting and important product for us. The Business Console is the cornerstone for integrating businesses to the protocol. It enables businesses to easily manage and monitor their Billing Models, while the Billing Model Wizard facilitates the smooth and intuitive creation of Billing Models.

In the following weeks, we are planning to commence the onboarding of our Early Adopters. We will do it gradually and systematically, starting with 3-5 Early Adopters. Once the integration with our Early Adopters is completed successfully, we will increase the pace and open the registration for new businesses. Needless to say that we will keep our community informed and announce any development.

Below is a sneak preview of our Business Console.

More Is Coming in April

In the second half of April, we intend to release the much-anticipated native version of the Mobile-Wallet app as well as the Chrome extension, which you can see below.

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