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PumaPay Business Console and PumaPay Pride are Here!


We are excited to announce the release of the prototypes of our Business Console and PumaPay Pride. At PumaPay, we always aim to create products that are desirable, viable and serve our strategic goals. The prototypes will serve as an effective way to test and improve the user experience and core functionality.

Business Console Prototype

Formerly referred to as the Merchant Portal, the Business Console enables businesses to easily create, manage and monitor their Billing Models. Our comprehensive Business Console consists of several new features, with the Billing Model Wizard being one of them! Here’s a sneak peek of our wizard:

Businesses can set up their Billing Models easily, in just a few steps

1. As a first step, businesses can choose between three Billing Model templates Single PullPayment, Subscription PullPayment, Single + Subscription PullPayment

2. Next, businesses can add the name and an extended description of their Billing Model. This is the name and description that the customers will see when they select the billing plan.

3. As a third step, Businesses can then set the parameters of their Billing Model. In this case, it’s a Single Payment followed by a Subscription (eg. ‘Paid Trial + Subscription) Merchants can add the following details: Currency and Amount of initial single payment as well as that of the subscription, frequency of the Billing in Days/Weeks/Months and the number of recurrences.

The setup Wizard is just a small example of the unique features of our Business Console!

The release of the Business Console is a major step forward, as it gives businesses a working preview of how PumaPay billing works, and how easy cryptobilling really is. A working version of the Business Console is scheduled to be released within a few weeks. In addition, the first phase of the onboarding will commence immediately after.

PumaPay Pride Prototype– Web Version

Integrated with the Business Console, the PumaPay Pride directory will allow businesses to list their products and services and get exposure to crypto holders, expanding their reach and driving potential customers to their platforms. In the coming months, we are planning to incorporate it into the PumaPay Wallet App which will allow businesses to reach crypto holders directly from within the wallet and promote themselves and their products.

The PumaPay Pride is scheduled to be released shortly after the Business Console. Both products together with our Mobile Wallet-App are the foundation of our innovative payment ecosystem. To our delight, we have received some very positive feedback and we expect to see an increase in the wider usability of our solution and cryptocurrencies in general.

For more information send as an email or contact us on Telegram . Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with our latest news.

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