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PumaPay at the Forefront of Cryptocurrency Adoption!


PumaPay adds an essential link in the global financial chain by integrating Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to its ecosystem.

18 major PSPs have already signed an agreement with PumaPay to integrate with its PSP solution which will be launched later this year. This is a significant step, as PSPs have hundreds and even thousands of businesses from various industries and sectors. The 18 PSPs that have already signed have a monthly processing volume of several millions. PumaPay’s PSP solution will enable simple and seamless integration for the PSPs’ clients allowing them to start processing crypto with just a few clicks.

With its innovative cryptocurrency payment system, PumaPay is establishing itself as one of the leading cryptopayment companies, attracting international attention and gaining the trust of thousands of PSP businesses. By working with them to tailor a solution that meets their needs and those of their clients, PumaPay positions itself within the processing value chain. Becoming an essential part of the payment processing network, PumaPay will expand its reach and gain huge exposure, leading to the real adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday use. PSPs’ implementation of PumaPay’s solution will boost the use of cryptopayments by an enormous crowd of consumers who will start using PMA for payments. As PumaPay registers these businesses, it will expand its network of crypto users, as more and more businesses offer cryptobilling to a growing network of crypto holders.

With the PumaPay native apps and Chrome wallet coming out this month and integrating with the settlement layer (which will allow businesses to accept any cryptocurrency while receiving settlement in fiat directly to their bank account), PumaPay has the potential to become a significant player in the payment space.

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