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HQ Language Services CEO Consuelo Speranza

Posted on Wednesday, 11 Jan, 2017 / 12:37 by HQ Language Services Review

Speaking only English costs brokers and investment companies a fortune; Don’t you want to open your eyes? 

From a native English speaker’s point of view, this whole language problem seems pretty simple - Speak English and the whole world will understand you... But it’s not completely true. Actually, it is pretty far from the truth - the one that says that having all your financial content written in English only – although it’s one of the top spoken and arguably the greatest language on Earth – can be a huge mistake. According to the most recent EuroBarometer report, English is way less popular than we (want to) believe. For example, around 39% of the population in France use it as a second language. In Italy, it is just shy of 35%, and in Spain less than 23%. These numbers wouldn’t be that alarming if these weren’t actually the ‘English-loving’ countries. Situation gets drastically uglier when we take the emerging markets into account: Only 5.2% in Russia, 5% in Brazil and less than 0.75% in China! Now, considering that these three countries’ combined population is over 1.7 billion, do you have any idea how much money and new opportunities you lose every year just because you are not translating your content? Or, in other words, how much more money you could be making if you found someone to translate it for you and started gaining access to an entire market, instead of just this small, English-speaking portion?


It’s obvious that you will need translation services, but who are you going to hire?
Here are 3 reasons why you should go with HQ Language Services:

Experienced in finance, banking, and accountancy:
Any translator can translate your content. Even you can do it by yourself, using Google translate. But wouldn’t you rather have a team of professionals who have already translated billions of words of financial content by your side?
We dedicated our careers to providing high quality translation and copywriting services within the financial market, which resulted in successful relationships with numerous renowned clients, and we would love to use that experience to help you conquer new markets.

Founded and managed by a professional financial translator:

Consuelo is a translator/writer with ten years of experience in the field of financial translation and writing, knowledgeable in five languages (Italian, Russian, English, Spanish and French) and a member of numerous translators associations’. Again, there is a huge difference between an individual who just learned translations for bunch of financial terms and an agency managed by a certified translator with a wealth of experience in trading of forex and financial markets. Relying on latter option means relying not only on an extremely competent figure, but also enjoying the following such as guaranteed and certified quality ensured by scrupulous hiring tests, a team of translators specialized in the financial sector and forex that assure competence and fast delivery, and very competitive prices.

Prices as low as $0.03 per word:

To reward the loyalty of our customers and help them save on translation costs, we decided to create the "translators in-house" project, which gives access to a special monthly fee to every client able to guarantee a minimum monthly volume of 5000 words. This new option doesn’t only allow you to have a whole team of translators at your disposal 24/7, but also gives you an opportunity to reduce your translation costs drastically by submitting a larger volume of content each month.


Normally, this would mean that your only job is to provide content in English and let us do the rest… But not this time.
With HQ Language Services, you will not need to lift a finger.

After forging a powerful and beneficial partnership with one of the biggest and most prestigious financial content providers in the industry, we became more than (the best) finance-focused translation services provider. Today, being a part of HQ Language Services’ family means being supported by the team of experts experienced in multilingual article writing, video-analysis services (market videos), video tutorials, video-courses, eBooks, education articles, creative materials including mailers and banners and so much more. Simply, our job is to handle everything so that you can focus on what really matters – running your business, and there is no one that does this job better than us.

 HQ Language Services Review

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