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Company Review

If you need translation services, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your hard-earned money. There are so many services, and so little information - how does one decide if it’s worth trusting in a given translation service.

One way to start narrowing things down is to focus on a translation service that specializes in translations for your type of business. HQ Language Services is that type of translation service. They provide financial translation services for the financial services industry. If you need banking, forex, or cryptocurrency content translated then you might consider HQ Language services.

They serve many of the leading brokers, banks, insurance brokers, financial publications and websites, and financial companies and have over 300 satisfied clients. Plus, they make it easy to try their services by offering a free 500-word translation.

With more than 15 years’ experience in this space you can imagine they really know financial topics. And based on their website they cover almost any language you could want. Let’s take a further look into the service offered by HQ Language Services and see if they might be able to meet your needs too.

HQ Language Services
HQ Language Services

Services Offered

Of course, text translation is one of the top services offered by HQ Language Services, but they don’t stop there. In addition to translation and localization services you can also take advantage of their translators to handle transcreation, dubbing and subtitling, voice-overs and transcription, social networking content, and copywriting. It seems like pretty much anything you need translated, they can handle.


Of course, they handle all the basics of translation and localization. They have an experienced and dedicated team and based on reviews their financial translation services are top-notch. If you have any doubts, they do offer the aforementioned 500-word free trial, just to let you see what you can expect when working with them.

Financial translation and localization services will help you compete in the global market and communicate with new target audiences.


Transcreation is a concept used in the field of translation studies to describe the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context. HQ Language Services can help you deliver your message in any language without losing your unique style and branding. This is more than just a verbatim translation. The translators also bring strong cultural and linguistic skills to your jobs, ensuring nothing is “lost in translation”!


Copywriting is a bit different than most content writing as it is used in advertising and other forms of marketing. The goal of copywriting is to convert readers into customers through the use of persuasive language. Therefore, professional copywriters are used for this task, since sales copy can lose its impact if it doesn’t maintain the proper cultural nuances. HQ Language Services offers on-going support for all of your copywriting needs. They can create copy to make your brand stick while attracting and converting the right traffic.


In addition to having excellent translation services, HQ Language Services also has costs that aren’t going to break your budget. You can choose between their standard plan for one-off projects or choose a fixed monthly plan if you have ongoing translation needs.

HQ Language Services offers 3 price plans:

Standard rates:

Standard rates are intended for one-time jobs (ex. website translations or docs translations in case the client won't then establish a regular cooperation on a monthly basis).

Regular clients/Fixed monthly plan:

Regular clients’ plans are for all clients that establish a regular cooperation on a monthly basis ordering translations of marketing materials, banners, press releases, emails, etc. (there is a minimum order per month in terms of volume to be met in order to get access to lower rates).

Daily analysis Fixed monthly plan:

Daily analysis plan is for all clients that establish a regular cooperation on a monthly basis ordering translations of marketing reports (there is a minimum order per month in terms of volume to be met in order to get access to lower rates).

In case you only need to translate documents as a Proof of Residence or Proof of Identity they will charge you €15 per document (if the volume is high, we found out that the price can be reduced).

HQ Language Services guarantees that you’ll get error-free and highest quality complete product, translated, proofread and edited, which will help you make a great impression on your customers. In case of daily content, HQ Language Services also offers a free Social Networking (Twitter and Facebook) service in the preselected languages.

HQ Language Services offers
offers and services of HQ Language Services

Clients and Feedback

Some of HQ Language Services top global clients include:

FXCM, DailyFX, Saxo Bank, Swissquote, Bank of Montreal, cTrader, Fondex, Unicredit, MetaQuotes, IG Bank, IC Markets, Trading Central, ForexClub, FX Empire Network - XM.com - ValuTrades- RoboForex -iForex - XForex - AvaTrade - TouchOptions by AvaTrade – Freedom Finance – Libertex – StormGain – Binance and many more as you can see here.

Translation Trial

HQ Language Services also offers a free translation trial so you can test out their service and determine if it’s right for your needs.

Languages Translated

There aren’t many languages that HQ Language Services can’t handle. Below is just a partial list of the languages offered:

● French

● Italian

● Spanish

● Chinese

● Russian

● Portuguese

● Japanese

● German

● Arabic

● Turkish

● Hungarian

● Vietnamese

● Slovenian

● Korean

● Greek

● Polish

● Indonesian

● Swedish

● Bulgarian

● Bengali

● Hebrew

● Slovak

● Albanian

● Norwegian

● Croatian

● Czech

● Farsi

● Malay

● Romanian

● Tagalo

● and many others.

HQ Language Services Advantages

● High-quality translations at a very competitive rate (Translation, Proofreading and Final Check once the content is online included in the price)

● Fixed monthly plans (Bigger is the volume of your orders, lower is the price… starting from $0,03)

● Dedicated team of Translators

● Proprietary Translation Management Software

● Proprietary CAT tool

● MONTHLY REWARDS: 20K words English HQ proofreading service at $0,15 or Free AD on our Forex website

Plus, this Newest Advantage:

HQ Language Services advantages
Features and advantages of HQ Language Services

Free Advertisement the HQ Language Services educational YouTube channel and website "The Diary of a Trader". This is part of their educational forex website with 3K new visitors per day and their YouTube channel with 15k subscribers. The brokers reviews are in the #1 position on Youtube. (eg. search on YT for Saxo Bank review, Oanda review, XM review and many others and you will see that they are always in the #1 position), so if you decide to hire them, you will get for free a review that will be at the #1 position on YT.

Customer Service

There are a number of methods you can use to contact HQ Language Services, either to get information for an upcoming project, or to talk about your ongoing translation needs. The company can be reached via email, telephone, and Skype, and they also have a live online chat that’s available Monday-Friday 10am to 8pm (GMT+2).

Email: info@financialtranslationservices.com
Telephone: +39 3401257019
Skype: info.hqls


If you have a business involved in any aspect of financial services, we recommend you check out the services offered by HQ Language Services. They have a great reputation and can provide for any translation needs. Best of all, their translators don’t just translate verbatim. Instead, they capture the essence of your message and meaning so it still makes sense in whatever language is being translated.

Based on everything we’ve seen with HQ Language Services we believe that you’ll be pleased with their service. And if you still have doubts you can take advantage of the 500-word free trial to see just how their service works.

Full Breakdown Filters

Full Breakdown

Full Breakdown
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Company Updates

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Contact us directly for further inquiries about our products and services.

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