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Posted on Wednesday, 13 Apr, 2016 / 10:45 by HQ Language Services Review

Brokers gain huge benefits with translated content

From the most recent Eurobarometer report, we can see the frequency with which the populations of various locations speak English as a secondary language. In France, the figure is nearly 40%. In Italy, it is just shy of 35%, and in Spain less than 23%. Assuming this information wasn’t enough on its own to make you consider translating your content, the image becomes more unsettling if you consider the rising market segments.

Within China, less than 0.75% of the populace can speak English as a secondary language. The figures in Brazil and Russia, both coming in around 5%, are better but still discouraging to English-based investment companies who seek worldwide clients. The data plainly shows that converting fiscal information is vital if a company’s goal is to reach the whole marketplace, not merely one tiny segment. Furthermore, who wouldn’t feel more comfortable investing your cash in an organization that conveys information in your native language?

Choose HQ Language Services

HQ Language Services, is not just an organization with numerous influential clients that offers quality translation and copywriting services that specifically target the financial market. For some time, it has also become the most popular translation businesses on the planet that was developed and maintained by an expert translator. Prior to establishing HGLS, Consuelo was an author and translator for over a decade with much of that work focused in the financial sector. She is proficient in five different dialects including Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and English. As such, she is a member of several professional translator associations. By trusting in a company that is monitored by a qualified translator with an abundant history in the financial and forex trading marketplaces will guarantee exceptional and accredited results because of our company’s careful hiring procedures. You will have access to a group of prestigious translators who specialize in the forex and financial marketplace just like you. They speak the same language in more ways than one. You will get all this for a competitive rate with incredibly quick deliveries.

Additional details about the in-house translators program made available by HQLS

To compensate our customer’s allegiance and assist them in gaining further savings in terms of translation fees, our company made a decision to establish an in-house translators program. Any customer who can promise at least a quantity of 5000 words/month, can unlock a better price. Submitting a larger volume each month will reduce the translation fees significantly. You will be able to access a fee as low as just three cents a word with a quantity of at least 100,000 words/month. In addition, customers who qualify for this special value will have access to an entire group of translators twenty-four hours a day.

Over the last twelve months, our services have expanded beyond translating and copywriting. Due to a new collaboration with an innovator in the same business, HQ Language Services is now able to provide every client daily services such as Tech/Fundamental Reviews, Trade Ideas, Customized Video Analysis and even more.

More information about our partnership and added services

Our new partner is one of the biggest and most prestigious financial content providers in the business. As 2015 came to a close, HQ Language Services opted to establish a robust and advantageous association with this leader. As a result, the company can offer our clients even more select finance-focused translation services in every language. Not only that, but it is now possible to also provide eBooks; multilingual article writing services; instructional writing; video analysis, tutorials, and courses; and visual media like banners, brochures, postcards, and so forth. 

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