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Company Overview

Solitics is an Israel-based real-time data delivery platform focused on B2C organizations. It allows these businesses to integrate, manage, and consume all the data received from their clients in real-time. It also allows these businesses to seamlessly integrate data pulled from multiple disparate sources and use it from one consolidated dashboard. Solitics covers the full range of data and can help any businesses with their needs, whether that be data analysis, personalization, product enhancement, or automation.

Solitics homepage
Solitics Bring the best out of your growth teams

Solitics emerged in 2013 from the vision of a group of data experts who wanted to transform and revolutionize data management for the B2C space. The result is Solitics and the ability for companies to harness their real-time data to improve both customer experience and their own efficiency. Hundreds of worldwide brands have found the utility baked into the Solitics products and they are using the platforms to deliver innovative and personalized solutions that allow them to fully engage with their customers.

At Solitics you can find a number of solutions, including personalized content, dynamic segmentation, accurate attribution, live chat support, dynamic user journeys, and more.

The following review will help you to understand whether Solitics is a fit for your organization or not.

Solitics Pros and Cons


  • Trusted by major companies
  • Wide range of solutions

  • Fast & seamless integration
  • Proven track record of success


  • Blog is out of date
  • Pricing not available without contacting Solitics sales team

Pros and cons are always a good place to start any review, so let’s get started.

One of the first things we want to mention in our review of Solitics is the huge number of solutions the company makes available for its potential customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to harness your data for marketing, for your product team, or simply to get the most insights possible from that data. Because the selection of solutions is so extensive we haven’t been able to cover them all here, but we will touch on the major products.

Another pro of working with Solitics is that they are already trusted by many of the big companies in trading, gaming, ecommerce, and other B2C markets. Some of their existing clients include Avatrade, CAPEX.com, Trade360, and hundreds of others.

One of their notable success stories is the work they’ve done with TradeFW, which improved the value of their customers by more than 50%. Solitics was also able to increase customer transactions by 66%, while also increasing the number of returning customers by 42%.

As you can see from this page on integrations, Solitics has integrations with hundreds of providers, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Microsoft Azure, and MySQL, Twilio, Mongo.

Solitics is impressive in that they do a good job with pretty much everything they’ve created solutions for – and that’s a lot of solutions! We did have just two small disappointments when looking through the Solitics blog. One was the lack of pricing information, and the other was the outdated nature of their blog. As a leader in real-time data delivery, we would have thought that they would also be providing regular blog updates to engage with their clients and potential clients.

Solitics Features

Solitics Features
Solitics Features

Here are the major features you can expect from Solitics:

  • Fully Automated Customer Engagement Platform – Includes all communication channels, automation, personalization and data management
  • Marketing Automation – Real-time customer journeys, dynamic content, full segmentations, promotions, deep attribution
  • Data Platform – Integrates with raw data, custom data, distributed sources, in less than 45 days.
  • Analytics Module - Full reporting, ROI analytics, journey and campaign analytics

Let’s take a closer look at the features offered by Solitics.

When it comes to your email marketing needs, Solitics has a full suite of email solutions designed to automate your customer’s journey. These include email automation that can be embedded into the customer journey, as well as personalized pop-ups, SMS communications, Metatrader pop-ups, support channels and more. The customer journeys are automated, allowing any triggers to be set that can help generate additional revenues from conversion, retention and through reactivation. The Solitics platform is so powerful that it can present personalized offers to your customers based on live data in as little as 1.8 seconds.

Solitics also has you covered when it comes to analytics. Those who are happy with basic reporting can access the basic dashboard, while those who need the best ways of measuring ROI and other metrics can make use of real-time data.

Customer Engagement Platform

Solitics homepage
Solitics Results that make our customer smile

The customer engagement platform is where users can create powerful customer journeys to deliver great value. The engagement created here is how you reel in your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Business and Marketing Analytics Platform

Having customers is the first piece of the puzzle. The business and marketing analytics platform is the next piece; helping users understand where there revenue is coming from, and delivering unmatched Business Analytics capabilities. With the Business and Marketing Analytics Platform you can see what works and continuously optimize your strategies to improve your ROI.


Solitics integrate into distributed data sources and custom data, with a contractual commitment of up to 45 days. Additionally, Solitics offers an extensive list of already available integrations. Any additional integration work is done by Solitics, without any effort on your part. Some of the integrations available include WhatsApp, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, MetaTrader Desktop, SendinBlue, Trading Central, Autochartists, and much more.

Customer Service

No review is complete without looking at customer support. Sure, you don’t want to contact them ever, but if it turns out you need to, then it’s hoped they are more than just competent. This is especially true when using the tools offered by Solitics. Anything that might affect your real-time data could also have a massive impact on your media campaigns across all platforms and knowing there’s a team of qualified professionals standing by to help when needed is a real blessing.

The customer service team at Solitics can help with any issue you might encounter when using the platform. This includes installation, training on how to use it, troubleshooting if there are problems, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout their experience.

Solitics offers its top-notch support via email or telephone, but only in English.

Telephone: +972 544 33 1875
Email: info@solitics.com

Solitics Pricing

You’ll need to contact Solitics to get their full pricing schedule. If you need to see the platform in action before you buy it’s also possible to schedule a demo with one of the experts at Solitics.

In Conclusion

Solitics Platform
Ready to see the platform?

It’s pretty clear that the automation and real-time data analysis tools provided by Solitics are going to help any B2C business that needs better access to data when creating such things as email or marketing campaigns. But with so much more to offer Solitics is very near to fulfilling its mission to transform and revolutionize data management for the B2C space.

Best of all it can all be integrated quickly and easily with any of the hundreds of third-party platforms supported by Solitics. And any questions will be handled professionally and efficiently by one of the support staff who is standing by.

If you’re in the B2C space and looking for the best way to collect and analyze customer data, then you should really consider reaching out to Solitics.

Full Breakdown Filters

Full Breakdown

Full Breakdown

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