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Company Overview

FYNXT (aka FINNEXT), previously known as Simple2Trade, is a Singapore-based fintech firm using innovative technology solutions to empower Financial Services with their proprietary NXT-Gen digital front office solution. Using this technology brokers can transform their legacy business into an agile, efficient, and modern digital business. And new brokers can be up and running in days rather than weeks. The company offers specific turn-key solutions for forex-CFD and multi-asset brokerages, as well as solutions for remittance providers, banks, and other financial services firms globally.

The financial services sector is on the cusp of a revolution, driven in no small part by the shifting needs and expectations of end customers.

We find that FYNXT is quite solid on domain expertise and has an accumulated base of intellectual capital. That helps distinguish its offerings and the new product suites from FYNXT have reset the benchmark for features, functions, and user experience in the financial services sector.

One of the strengths in the suite of products from FYNXT is that they not only utilize cutting edge technology, but they are built with a deep understanding of the actual business needs of brokers and their clients. This includes API extensibility, social network connectivity, and modular design. FYNXT's suite of products is production deployable in both SaaS and license formats, promising minimal upfront costs, ease of use, almost infinite scalability, and accelerated time to market.

Production-ready FYNXT modules connect directly to your existing MT4/MT5 platform as well as other industry standard offerings instantly, seamlessly, and painlessly. Integrated, closely coupled solutions immediately leverage broker’s investments into the existing platform(s) to catapult their business to the next level.

Below we take a closer look at the modules and features that FYNXT offers to its broker clients.

FX Brokerage Solutions

FX brokerage solutions encompass the forex and CFD broker space, giving existing and new brokers the ability to manage their clients in a far more effective and efficient manner. These backend solutions cover five areas: the Client Manager, the Client Portal, IB Manager, Managed Accounts, and Contest Manager.

Client Manager

A comprehensive solution for FX/CFD brokers to optimally manage their Clients, IB’s, compliance, sales and operations most effectively. The Client Manager module empowers FX/CFD brokers to automate their tedious administrative process and manage their operations more efficiently. A single dashboard gives access to powerful tools which allow brokers to configure, manage workflows, client interactions, IB's, managed accounts, sales, operations and much more.

Below are some of the key highlights:

· Client/User/Role management through Client 360 - Client360 is a panoramic view of an individual client with built-in access compliance controls to ensure the right person/team has the specific access at a field level.

· Detailed reports and dashboards - Intelligent real-time Dashboard to monitor your business KPIs.

· Client portal configurations - Rebrand your client portal.

· SaaS/OnPremise options available

· Service tickets

· Sales management

· Integrated with MT4/MT5 and other major trading platforms

Client Portal

A rebranded portal specifically designed to provide a unified and intuitive user experience for FX/CFD broker clients. Below are some of the key highlights:

· Digital Onboarding - Seamlessly onboard clients.

· Intuitive Dashboard

· Account Management - Create and manage multiple live/demo trading accounts under one profile.

· Multi-Currency Wallet - Clients can deposit and maintain funds in the currency of their choice and avoid additional conversion charges.

· Statements & Reports - Intuitively designed statements and reports for trading accounts, investors and fund managers.

· Multi-lingual support center & automated push notifications

· Integrated with MT4/MT5 and other trading platforms

IB Manager

Empower your IBs with an intuitive, N-level IB Management system. The IB Manager module enables IBs to view and stay updated with daily transactions, deposits, volumes, and rebates accrued from direct clients or clients of sub-IBs.

Below are some of the key highlights:

· Rebranded IB portal - Specifically designed to provide a unified and intuitive client experience for your IB's.

· Intuitive dashboards and reports - Intelligent near real-time Dashboard to monitor your business KPIs.

· Create customized N-Level fee structures to fit your most complex IB rebate requirements.

· Built-in rebate engine for automated calculations and fee settlements

· Free Marketing Tools - Empower your IBs to consume marketing promotions 100% digitally.

· Integrated with Managed Accounts module - Fund managers can pair with IBs and promote their published strategies.

· Integrated with MT4/MT5 and other trading platforms

Managed Accounts

A next generation Managed Accounts platform, engineered to attract quality fund managers and investors. Hassle-free Integrations, FYNXT handles all the technical aspects. 100% digitally configurable. Launch the platform in just few hours to boost client trading volume and income. Below are some of the key highlights:

· 100% Allocation accuracy (min 0.0000001 lots)

· Intuitive dashboards and reports

· No extra plugins required

· Attractive fees options (Performance, Management, Subscription, Penalty etc.)

· Automated fee calculation and settlements - Built-in statements with intuitive insights and details on the performance, fees, high water mark and much more.

· Integrated IB Management module - The Platform integrates seamlessly with our IB Management module to automate the rebates and boost the Investor network.

· Publish Strategies - Fund Managers can easily create / manage strategies and customize it based on their business requirements.

· Leaderboard - Display all published strategies by the Fund managers.

· Integrated with MT4/5, Binance and other trading platforms/ Crypto exchanges

Contest Manager

Utilize the FYNXT platform to create an alternative brand marketing channel, with a minimal investment. The versatile contest module integrates with any trading platform, allowing brokers to create rebranded contests within 5 minutes, and with low risk.

Below are some of the key highlights:

· Supports both virtual and real funds.

· Gather Credible Leads - Unlike other platforms, FYNXT verifies the entries from social networks and mobile numbers.

· Partner ready to support IB and IBs contests.

· Built with Referral Channel - Reach more potential entrants by allowing users to refer their friends, including support for social sharing.

· Production ready API Integration, with MT4/MT5 and FIX based trading platforms.

Multi Asset Brokerage Supported

A single interface to the interconnected world of global markets. Whether you want to offer forex, CFDs, crypto, equities, or futures the platform can connect to global markets instantly. Below are some of the key highlights:

· Digital on-boarding both retail and institutional clients - A rebranded client portal specifically designed to provide a unified and intuitive user experience for your clients.

· Clients can be easily on-boarded regardless of channel - in-branch, laptop, tablet and mobile, all the while ensuring a consistent experience.

· Support for Interactive Broker, CQG, MT5, Stellar, FlexTrade, Alphalion, QORT & Others

· Mobile first design

· Built-in two factor authentication

· Integrated with Docu-sign

· Integrated eKYC, AML, PEP checks

· Extendible Client Portal with intuitive dashboards and integrations

· Built-in Communication Channels (Email / SMS / Whatsapp /Help Desk)

· Payment integrations with multi-currency wallet, direct deposit to trading account, Cashier's (e.g Praxis, StonePay), and multiple payment gateways

Customer Service

FYNXT’s support team is available 24/7 for any client queries and emergencies, and staff standing by to answer any questions about their services, products, need a demo or anything else.

For brokers an always-on mobile interface and fully integrated support for major help desk tools such as Freshdesk and Zendesk, gives clients support anytime, anywhere. Built in service ticket modules effortlessly, proactively communicate resolution status, making the broker a perfect relationship manager.


Aeby Samuel, CEO of FYNXT, comments, "This is a very exciting time to be in the FINTECH space. We've long known that for our customers, it's always about (client) acquisition, engagement, retention, and ultimately, client lifetime value. This is really where we shine. Everything we do is ultimately designed to help our clients get customers, keep customers. Superior functionality alone no longer cuts it. Today's financial services firms need to craft a compelling customer experience, from on-boarding through real-time data-driven insight to consume the Products / Services and make informed decisions quickly."

The vision of FYNXT is to provide financial services, of any size, any sector, and anywhere in the world, in a plug-n-play Digital Front Office to thrive in the digital age. Their products are quietly, incrementally transforming the global financial services landscape. The entire team is immensely proud of what they are doing and the real-world empathy brought to every client relationship - spanning FOREX and multi-asset brokerage firms, Wealth Managers and ROBO Advisors, Global Remittance providers as well as banks and insurance companies – globally.

Full Breakdown Filters

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