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FYNXT: The Low Code And Modular Platform For Multi-Asset Broker Review

Founded in 2015, FYNXT is an innovative fintech company that provides a low-code and modular platform for multi-asset brokers, as well as integrated services for banks, brokers, and fintech companies.

Headquartered in Singapore, FYNXT is also an ISO 27001:2013 | ISMS-certified organization registered as an accredited FINTECH with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

FYNXT's low-code platform provides multi-asset brokers with a purpose-built digital front office, featuring simple drag-and-drop options for adding or removing modules and configurations based on business and regulatory requirements.

The platform supports true multi-assets (FX-CFD's, crypto's, F&O, equities, mutual funds, etc.) and a wide range of regulatory requirements, and distinguishes itself with its laser focus on user experience. It offers tools to help manage clients, partners, and internal operations, sales, and marketing optimally.

Let's dive deeper into the plug-and-play modules FYNXT provides

Client Manager

Client Manager is the world's only purpose built client management system that supports true Multi-Asset Brokers with a comprehensive platform to optimally manage your Clients, Partner’s, Compliance, Sales, Marketing and Operations.

FYNXT client manager page
The client manager

It's a production-ready solution that offers various features, such as automated document management and KYC/AML processes. It also supports multiple languages and currencies, making managing clients from different regions easy. Let's look at all features of FYNXT Client Manager:

Seamless client management

The Client Manager module offers brokers the ability to quickly and easily set up, manage and access client profiles. It also provides robust features for managing customer data and workflows. Efficient client management is the key to a successful regulated broker, and FYNXT allows brokers to easily manage their customers.

Moreover, the client management module comes with many features, such as automated onboarding, KYC/AML processes, and document management. Brokers only need to upload customer data once, and the rest is handled automatically.

Quick service tickets resolution feature

Your customer support team can quickly and easily manage customer service tickets with FYNXT's ticket management feature. This allows for efficient and accurate resolution of customer queries, ensuring that customers have a great experience.

Moreover, the ticketing system allows you to assign tickets to specific teams and departments to ensure that they are handled quickly and efficiently. This helps to ensure that your customers always get the best service possible.

In addition, FYNXT's ticketing system also provides detailed analytics, which allows you to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Robust sales management

FYNXT's sales management module allows brokers to manage their sales processes efficiently and accurately. It provides various features such as automated customer segmentation, analytics, reporting, and CRM (customer relationship management).

This feature helps brokers to identify the best customers for a particular product or service and market it effectively. Furthermore, FYNXT's comprehensive analytics suite provides insights into customer behavior, allowing brokers to optimize their sales strategies. As a result, brokers can easily track sales performance and make informed decisions.

User/role management

FYNXT also offers a user and role management module which allows you to easily manage users and roles. This feature helps brokers maintain security by controlling access to sensitive data and features. It also simplifies the process of setting up new users, granting and revoking permissions, and creating custom roles.

With effective user and role management, you can ensure your customer data is secure and that the right people can access sensitive information. In addition, it helps brokers to easily manage staff, ensuring that employees have access to the data and features they need.

Rebranded Client Portal

FYNXT also provides a rebranded client portal that enables brokers to offer their customers an intuitive, engaging, and personalized experience. Through this portal, clients can access their account information, manage orders, and view analytics.

This feature helps brokers easily differentiate their services and create a lasting impression on their customers. Moreover, the portal comes with various personalization options, allowing brokers to customize the experience and ensure their customers get the best service possible.

Commission Management

FYNXT also provides an advanced commission management system that helps brokers to manage commissions, fees, and discounts in a highly efficient manner.

This automated system makes it easy for brokers to set up different commission plans and assign them to other users based on their requirements. As a result, brokers can ensure that their commission plans comply with applicable regulations and easily track commissions owed.

Trading Server Management

The FYNXT client manager also offers a powerful trading server management tool that helps brokers efficiently manage multiple trading servers from one single platform.

This feature allows them to quickly deploy updates, monitor performance, and optimize resources for maximum efficiency.

Client Portal

FYNXT also provides an elegantly rebranded client portal designed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience for both first-time and experienced users.

The portal provides a range of features such as digital onboarding, account management, multi-currency wallets, and integrated support from MT4/MT5 and other trading platforms. This helps to ensure that customers have the best possible trading experience. In addition, the Client Portal offers groundbreaking features like:

Digital Onboarding​

FYNXT allows brokers to onboard customers quickly and easily with its digital onboarding feature. This feature streamlines the customer registration process, allowing customers to register and start trading in minutes.

Moreover, the digital onboarding feature is integrated with KYC and AML compliance, ensuring that customers are always compliant with the latest regulations. As more customers prefer an online registration process, this feature helps brokers to acquire new customers quickly and easily.

Account Management

The Client Portal provides a unified dashboard for users to manage their accounts, view statements and reports and make deposits and withdrawals with ease. With easy account management, new brokers can onboard clients quickly and make sure that customers are always up to date with their trading activity.

The best part about FYNXT is that its features are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It provides a comprehensive platform for brokers to manage their sales process, user/role management, customer segmentation, analytics, reporting, and CRM to streamline their business operations.

Intuitive Dashboard​

Furthermore, FYNXT also provides an intuitive dashboard that enables brokers to easily manage their accounts, view statements and reports and perform a range of administrative tasks.

It offers detailed insights into customer behavior, allowing brokers to optimize their sales strategies. Brokers and traders can also use the dashboard to view real-time analytics and reports on their trading activity.

Account Management​

FYNXT also provides an advanced account management system to help brokers efficiently manage customers, accounts, and transactions. This feature allows brokers to maintain security by controlling user access, setting limits, and creating custom roles.

Multi-Currency Wallet​

FYNXT also offers a multi-currency wallet feature that allows traders to access multiple currencies from a single account. This helps to ensure that customers can access the best prices in any currency.

The multi-currency wallet is a competitive edge for brokers, allowing customers to transact in different currencies without additional charges.

Quick to manage trading accounts

The FYNXT client manager allows customers to manage their trading accounts quickly and easily. This helps them to view real-time pricing, place orders, and work their positions with just a few clicks.

The client manager also gives users insights into their trading performance, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Statements and reports

The Client Portal also provides robust reporting tools for brokers to view detailed statements and reports. This helps them to gain insights into their trading performance, analyze customer behavior and optimize their resources for maximum efficiency.

Notification support

FYNXT also provides a robust support center and automated push notifications to ensure customers get the best trading experience. This feature allows brokers to push automated customer notifications on different trading platforms.

The notifications are sent in real-time, allowing brokers to stay updated with their customer's trading activity.

MT4/MT5 and other trading platform integration

FYNXT also provides an integrated solution for brokers using MT4/MT5 and other popular trading platforms. It helps them quickly connect to their clients, monitor their trades, and manage their accounts efficiently.

IB Manager

The company is an award-winning leader in IB management and provides a robust tool to automate, analyze and reward IBs. In addition, it has rebranded its IB portal with tier-based rewards and exclusive cashback programs.

FYNXT IB manager page
IB Manager

It also has a built-in IB reconciliation report to help brokers manage their IBs and a coupon module for IBs to reward their clients. N-level rebate management with automated calculations and settlements is also available, making it an excellent choice for brokers who want to maximize their IBs' profits. Let's look at all features of the FYNXT IB Manager module:

Tier-based rewards and exclusive cashback programs

The Tier-based rewards and exclusive cashback programs of the FYNXT IB Manager help brokers increase their profits by offering better returns to their IBs. This feature also helps brokers to identify their most profitable IBs and reward them accordingly.

Built-in IB reconciliation reports

The built-in IB reconciliation reports provide brokers with detailed insights into their IBs' activities. This helps them track and analyze their performance and optimize their strategies for maximum efficiency.

Accurate reconciliation reports help brokers identify any discrepancies quickly and take corrective action. This feature makes it easy for brokers to manage their IBs and ensure that their customers are getting the best returns.

Coupon module

The Coupon module of the FYNXT IB Manager makes it easy for brokers to reward their clients with special discounts. They can create custom coupons for customers who meet specific criteria, such as making a minimum number of trades or holding a certain amount in their account.

N-Level rebate management

The N-Level rebate management feature of the FYNXT IB Manager helps brokers manage their multi-level referral programs. It automatically tracks referrals and calculates commissions based on the N-level structure.

This feature helps streamline the process and provides brokers with accurate commission reports, allowing them to keep track of their IBs' performance and ensure that they get the best returns from their investments.

Integrated with Managed Accounts module

FYNXT is also integrated with a Managed Accounts module, allowing brokers to manage their clients' accounts from one place. This feature makes it easy for brokers to track their clients' performance, analyze their trading activity and manage their resources efficiently.

Manage Accounts module

The Managed Accounts module allows brokers to scale their business and attract more investors. This module helps brokers to set up, manage and monitor their clients' accounts without any manual intervention.

Moreover, with automated fee calculations and settlements, brokers can provide their clients with an enhanced trading experience. The Managed Accounts module comes with extensive features, such as a plugin-free setup and no MT4/5 accounts required for investors. Check out all the features offered by the Managed Accounts module:

Robust portal for Fund Managers & Investors

The robust portal of the Managed Accounts module helps brokers attract more fund managers and investors. It provides them with a user-friendly platform to manage their accounts and offers 100% allocation accuracy.

This portal helps fund managers and investors quickly access their accounts and monitor performance. It also offers attractive fee options to fund managers, such as performance fees, upfront fees, and more.

Automated fee calculations & settlements

The Automated fee calculations and settlements feature of the Managed Accounts module helps brokers quickly and easily calculate fees for their clients. It also allows them to make settlements with a single click, making the fee calculation and settlement much faster and easier.

Moreover, using this module feature, brokers can offer their clients transparent fee structures, making it easier for them to understand and manage the fees they're paying.

No MT4/MT5 Accounts are required for investors

The Managed Accounts module also eliminates the need for investors to set up MT4/MT5 accounts. It simplifies the process and makes it easier for brokers to manage their clients' accounts from a single platform.

100% Allocation accuracy (min 0.00001 lots)

The Managed Accounts module also ensures 100% allocation accuracy for all orders, with a minimum lot size of 0.00001. This helps to minimize losses and maximize profits for brokers.

Moreover, this module's accuracy and higher transparency make it an ideal choice for brokers looking to manage their client's accounts efficiently. In addition, the module is also compliant with the MiFID II regulations, allowing brokers to manage their accounts in a safe and compliant manner.

Built-in coupon module

Fund managers have in-build coupons to attract new investors and scale their profits. The coupon module helps fund managers create unique coupons with attractive offers and generate more investor sign-ups quickly.

Integrated with IB Manager module

As integrated with the IB Manager module, FYNXT allows brokers to manage and monitor their IB performance. It helps them track their commissions and expenses accurately and effectively.

Contest Manager

Contest Manager is the most innovative and reliable feature of the FYNXT. This feature allows brokers to run contests in less than 5 minutes. Using this feature, brokers can empower their marketing teams and IBs to run virtual/real fund rebranded contests and attract more investors.

FYNXT contest manager page
Contest manager

This feature is highly customizable and comes with an easy-to-use interface. It also has a built-in referral channel that helps brokers leverage their network to gain more investors. Moreover, the Contest Manager feature supports multiple languages, which allows brokers to target a global audience easily. Let's look at all features of the Contest Manager:

An intuitive web and mobile-friendly UI

The cutting-edge web and mobile-friendly interface of the Contest Manager helps brokers easily manage their contests from any device. It also provides real-time analytics and insights, allowing them to track contest performance and make data-driven decisions.

Verified User Entries

The Contest Manager also features a user verification system that helps brokers verify the users' entries. It ensures that brokers can reward the right users and increase the credibility of their contests.

Moreover, this module makes it easier for brokers to process rewards, as they can track user entries and reward accordingly. The whole process becomes more transparent and efficient.

Embeddable widget

The Contest Manager also features an embeddable widget that allows brokers to easily embed the contest on their blog or website without diverting their visitors. It helps them to create interactive contests and gain more participants in a short time frame.

In addition, this embeddable widget also helps brokers to increase brand awareness and attract more investors. It's a smart way to engage more people in their contests.

Target global audience with multilingual support

The Contest Manager also supports multiple languages, allowing brokers to quickly target a global audience. This feature helps them to reach more people and generate more leads in a short time frame.

When a broker can target a global audience with their contests, they can easily increase their investor base and gain more profits. The overall scalability and engagement offered by the Contest Manager make it an ideal choice for brokers.

Effortless onboarding & access to credible leads

FYNXT's Contest Manager makes it easier for brokers to onboard investors easily and gains access to credible leads. In addition, once they have created their contest, they can easily monitor user entries and verify the users.

This helps them to identify credible leads quickly and easily. Not only that, but they can also track user activity and reward them accordingly. The Contest Manager helps brokers to increase their credibility and attract more investors.

Overall, FYNXT's Contest Manager is an innovative and reliable feature that helps brokers to run virtual or real fund-rebranded contests.

Quick customer support

FYNXT also offers 24/7 customer support to its customers. Their friendly and helpful staff is always ready to answer any questions about their services, products, need a demo, or anything else.

This makes it easier for brokers to get help whenever they need it and ensures that their queries are answered quickly and efficiently. In addition, this helps them to get the best support and experience while using the modules. You can get in touch with them at sales@fynxt.com.

FYNXT in a nutshell

FYNXT infographic

FYNXT is a revolutionary low code platform for multi-asset brokers, with integrated services to banks, brokers, and FinTech companies. Their vision is to provide a plug-and-play Digital Front Office for financial services of any size and sector anywhere in the world.

FYNXT offers an array of features, such as multiple regulatory requirements support, an extensive range of asset classes, superior IB Management & managed accounts, and various third-party services integration options. Additionally, it is ISO 27001:2013 | ISMS-certified and registered as an accredited FINTECH with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Overall, FYNXT is a powerful platform for brokers that offers great features to help them manage their clients, IBs, and internal teams in one place effectively and efficiently.


What services does FYNXT offer?

FYNXT is a low-code platform for multi-asset brokers that offers services to banks, brokers, and FinTech companies. Its services include digital onboarding, which supports multiple regulatory requirements, an extensive range of asset classes, IB management, Managed accounts, Contest, and various third-party service integration options.

Does FYNXT offer customer support?

Yes, FYNXT offers 24/7 customer support to its customers. The friendly and helpful staff is always ready to answer any questions, provide a demo, or do anything else that the broker might need.

Is FYNXT ISO 27001:2013 | ISMS-certified?

Yes, FYNXT is ISO 27001:2013 | ISMS-certified and registered as an accredited FINTECH with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

How does the Contest Manager feature help brokers?

The Contest Manager feature helps brokers to run virtual or real fund-rebranded contests to reward the right users and increase the credibility of their contests.

How can brokers scale quickly using their services?

Brokers can quickly scale their services using different features of the FYNXT platform. Whether they want to target a global audience with their contests or credible access leads through onboarding investors, they will find the right tools to help them scale quickly.

Do they offer personalized service for brokers?

Yes, FYNXT offers personalized service to help brokers build and manage their businesses. Their team of experts works closely with each broker to create bespoke solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Do they offer product demos?

Yes, FYNXT offers personalized product demos to its customers. They can also provide training and support when needed.

Can I become a partner with FYNXT?

Yes, FYNXT welcomes partnerships with banks, brokers, and Fintech companies. They can earn attractive commissions and benefit from their extensive network of customers.

How much does FYNXT cost?

The pricing of the FYNXT modules depends on the services and features you require. They offer custom packages with flexibility.

How to contact FYNXT?

You can get in touch with FYNXT by sending an email to sales@fynxt.com and their team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do they provide integration assistance?

Yes, FYNXT provides integration assistance to its customers. They have a team of experts who can help you integrate and set up the modules quickly and easily.

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