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Website: Exinity Connect

To achieve optimal operational results in the financial industry, it is vital to choose a suitable liquidity provider. Exinity Connect has established itself as a key player in this field, leveraging on Exinity's 25 years of experience and knowledge in the industry. In this review we provide an in-depth analysis of its services.


Exinity Connect is a service developed by Exinity, a financial services organization with a 25-year track record. The liquidity service is intended to provide liquidity solutions by leveraging the company's vast experience and trading capabilities.

Market Access

Exinity Connect's access to both Tier-1 banks and non-bank market makers is a key feature. This dual access provides broker-dealers, family offices, and hedge funds with a broad market reach. The liquidity service's emphasis is on delivering deep market access combined with effective execution, catering to institutions' different needs.

Service Offering

Exinity Connect's major service is to provide custom-tailored liquidity solutions to institutions of all sizes. The design and functionality of the solution are aimed at understanding and satisfying the specific needs of its institutional clients.

Key Offerings of Exinity Connect

Exinity Connect Key Takeways infographic on Finance magnates Directory

The liquidity service stands out in the field of providing liquidity due to its extensive package of services. Let's look at the key features that make this solution a top choice for institutions:

Tailored Liquidity Solutions

The liquidity service goes above and beyond standard offers. They offer liquidity solutions that are carefully tailored to a client's individual goals, risk tolerance, and market focus. This guarantees that institutions have a solution that is compatible with their specific trading strategy.

Innovative Market Making

The solution takes an organized method to market creation. They minimizes expenses for its clients while also increasing new revenue streams by employing predictive pricing discovery and advanced risk management algorithms.

Technological Excellence

Speed and accuracy are critical in the trading market. The cutting-edge technology used by the liquidity provider enables low-latency execution, real-time reporting, and seamless connectivity.

Unparalleled Global Access

Institutions can use Exinity Connect to access a large network of global liquidity providers and trading venues. This broad reach means that clients may diversify their trading methods, maximize execution, and obtain the best pricing from around the world.

Transparent Pricing Mechanism

In financial transactions, clarity is critical. The open price discovery offered by the liquidity solution provides competitive and clear pricing. This comprehensive understanding of costs gives clients more control over their financial strategy and assures there are no hidden fees.

Robust Regulatory Adherence

Trust and compliance are essential components of every financial business. Exinity Connect is governed by reputable organizations such as the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius. Clients can trade with confidence knowing that their interests are protected because of their strict adherence to these regulatory standards.

Dedicated Expert Support

Beyond the technological and legal aspects, the human touch is what genuinely enhances a service. The liquidity service has a team of trading and technology experts who are always ready to give clients the specialized help they need, whenever they need it.

Commitment to Client Success

Exinity Connect main objective is building long-term relationships. They recognize the critical role they play in their clients' journeys and are dedicated to collaborating with them to ensure mutual growth and success.


Overall, Exinity Connect, provides a variety of liquidity options designed for institutions. The solutions' connectivity to Tier-1 banks and non-bank market makers demonstrates their dedication to offering complete market access.

The service combines technological competence and regulatory compliance with a package of services tailored to the specific needs of broker-dealers, family offices, and hedge funds. Their commitment to openness, expert help, and building long-term client relationships highlights its significance in the financial sector.

Exinity Connect Key Takeways infographic on Finance magnates Directory


What is Exinity Connect?

Exinity Connect is a liquidity provider service developed by Exinity, a financial services corporation with a 25-year track record. It provides institutions with customized liquidity solutions.

Who can benefit from Exinity Connect's services?

The liquidity service can help broker-dealers, family offices, hedge funds, and other organizations seeking broad market access and rapid execution.

How does Exinity Connect ensure deep market access?

Exinity Connect connects to both Tier-1 banks and non-bank market makers, providing a comprehensive view of the financial markets.

What sets Exinity Connect's liquidity solutions apart?

The liquidity service provides client-specific liquidity solutions that are tailored to their individual goals, risk tolerance, and market focus.

How does Exinity Connect handle market making?

To reduce expenses and increase possible revenue streams for its clients, the service employs a methodical approach that leverages predictive price discovery and powerful risk management algorithms.

What technological features does Exinity Connect offer?

Exinity Connect enables traders to make quick and educated decisions by providing low-latency execution, real-time information, and seamless connectivity.

How does Exinity Connect ensure transparent pricing?

The solution provides a transparent price discovery mechanism, allowing for competitive and unambiguous pricing with no hidden fees.

Is Exinity Connect regulated?

Yes, Exinity Connect is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the Mauritius Financial Services Commission, offering a safe and compliant trading environment.

What kind of support does Exinity Connect offer?

Exinity Connect offers a specialized staff of trade and technology specialists available to provide clients with tailored help.

What is Exinity Connect's approach to client relationships?

The liquidity provider prioritizes long-term client connections, understanding their needs, and collaborating with them for mutual growth and success.

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