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LMAX Global: the brokers' trusted FX and cross-asset liquidity source – worldwide


Exclusive broker access to LMAX Exchange institutional liquidity pools in LD4, NY4, TY3 & SG1

LMAX Global, part of the LMAX Group, offers brokers and professional traders around the world access to deep institutional FX liquidity, crypto, bullion, indices and commodities - combining LMAX Exchange CLOB and additional peer to peer liquidity pools.

LMAX Global enables clients to trade over 100 instruments anonymously in a regulated, rules-based trading environment.

Clients benefit from no ‘last look’ rejections, exchange quality execution in strict price/time priority and a fair, level playing field regardless of status, size or activity levels.

  • FX, crypto, bullion, indices and commodities
  • Firm limit order liquidity with no 'last look' rejections
  • Real-time, full order book market and trade data
  • Strict price/time priority matching
  • Real-time reporting and reconciliation via web or FIX Drop copy
  • Leverage up to 200:1 (depending on residency and eligibility)
  • Competitive commission and overnight financing rates
  • Flexible clearing via margin account or existing PB account
  • Regulated in the UK (FCA), Europe (CySec) and New Zealand (Registered Financial Service Provider)

LMAX Global clients have access to deep institutional liquidity in over 100 instruments: FX, crypto, bullion, indices, commodities, and weekend FX. LMAX Global - FAQs

LMAX Global real-time firm market data: unique in the FX industry

We deliver superior, reliable, ultra-fast firm market data access – streaming real-time, full order book market data to all clients.

  • Streaming, real-time, full order book market data
  • No ‘last look’ limit order liquidity
  • Full order book market data via FIX (4.2/4.4)
  • Up to 1,000 orders/sec.

Download LMAX Global monthly market data fees - download PDF

LMAX Global innovation: weekend FX - now trade FX 7 days a week

Weekend FX instruments are cash-settled CFDs enabling clients to trade on FX movements over the weekend and hedge their FX exposure. They work in the same way as weekday rolling spot FX, with the exception that they expire on market close, Sunday 17:00 EST/EDT (there are no overnight financing charges).

Weekend FX instruments are offered between Friday 17:05 to Sunday 17:00 EST/EDT and are separate instruments to those traded on weekdays. Trading of Weekend FX instruments will not affect clients’ weekday positions.

  • Weekend FX - EURUSD & USDJPY - available now
  • Hedge FX exposure when there’s no underlying market
  • Capitalise on market opportunities over the weekend

Download Weekend FX key information document - download PDF


Contact LMAX Global: T: +44 20 3192 2682 E: globalsales@LMAX.com


LMAX Global technology: seamless connectivity to trading on tighter spreads


Integrated with ALL major technology and MT4/5 bridge provider

Our minimalist approach to technology architecture is a careful blend of in-house intellectual property and the most up-to-date best practice, with one aim in mind - optimised, consistent execution quality.

Technology key differentiators:

  • Precise, consistent execution
  • Ultra-low latency exchange infrastructure
  • Reliable, robust, scalable technology with ongoing performance optimisation
  • Seamless integration with leading trading technology providers

Latency, capacity and resilience:

  • Average internal exchange latency is under 85μs
  • 100% exchange uptime
  • Processing capacity (orders/sec): 800,000 peak, 100,000 sustained
  • 700,000 risk calculations/second
  • High capacity achieved through a distributed, transactional service oriented architecture based on high performance publish and subscribe messaging
  • Scalable architecture with room for growth to meet increasing demand

Connectivity: 24 hour access, optimum connectivity & precision execution

Connectivity: cross connect at Equinix LD4/5, NY4, TY3 and SG1, PoP at Interxion, internet, extranet/hosted service providers

  • AWS Direct Connect
  • BeeksFX
  • BT Radianz
  • Colt Prizmnet
  • Equinix Cloud Connect for cloud providers
  • FCM-360
  • Fixnetix
  • FluentTech
  • Guavatech
  • ICE/TMX Atrium
  • LiquidityConnect
  • LMAX Proximity
  • Lucera
  • OptionIT
  • Pico
  • PrimeXM
  • TNSi/NetXpress
  • UltraFX

Connectivity: technology provider partners

Front-end trading software providers with access to all LMAX Global markets:

  • MultiCharts
  • PTMC
  • Sierra Charts
  • TSLab

MT4/5 bridge providers connect brokers through their MT4/5 servers to all LMAX Global markets:

  • AMTS Solutions
  • Gold-i
  • MetaQuotes
  • oneZero
  • PrimeXM
  • Think Liquidity
  • Tools4Brokers
  • WADMAX Technologies

Turnkey broker software provides clients with a total front to back office broker solution and access to all LMAX Global markets:

  • Protrader
  • ACTForex
  • Fair Trading Technology


API trading

LMAX Global Application Programming Interface (API) technology enables clients to automate their trading strategies and use our customisable client libraries (Java, .NET) or our FIX protocol for their integration. Learn more

Web trading

LMAX Global web trading technology delivers an easy to use & feature-rich professional User Interface. Free test account sign-up

Mobile trading

Get fast, mobile access to all LMAX Global markets. The LMAX Global Trading app, available for Android™ and iOS®, offers fast trading access, VWAP FX market data and up to the minute global FX news. Download for Android | Download for iOS

LMAX GLOBAL Trading app image


LMAX Global 24-hour helpdesk: T: +44 20 3192 2555 (Sun 22.00 - Fri 22.00 UK time)


Deliverable FX: an LMAX Global client only exclusive service

LMAX GLOBAL fx rates screenshot

The Deliverable FX service ensures efficient and secure transactions on transparent FX prices with full fee disclosure

The Deliverable FX service from LMAX Global offers transparent, competitively priced, foreign exchange solutions - for private clients, professionals, institutions and corporates.

As part of the LMAX Group, we are able to leverage unique LMAX Exchange institutional liquidity relationships to access transparent wholesale pricing and fast, efficient FX settlement.

  • Convert any amount from $50,000 upwards (currency equivalent)
  • Institutional rates include commission and bank transfer fee
  • Automatic commission reduction for higher amounts
  • Trade instantly or target price
  • Web GUI, mobile or API for real-time market data and execution (FIX, .Net & Java APIs available - supported 24 hours a day)
  • Live currency rate calculator with indicative real-time exchange rates - live currency converter
  • All major currency crosses available
  • Fast and efficient settlement


Contact Deliverable FX sales: T: +44 33 3700 4096 E: dfx@LMAX.com


LMAX Global: the brokers' trusted FX and cross-asset liquidity source – worldwide

Full Breakdown Filters

Full Breakdown

Full Breakdown
Execution Model
Monthly Volume
Contract Sizes
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