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B2Core Latest Updates Include Internal Transfer Page Security Feature and Completion of Light/Dark Theme


B2Core’s updates for the month of September have included an exciting range of innovative and upgraded features. In the second half of the month, the development team has added some additional functionality to further improve the product’s user-experience. In this way, we maintain a cutting edge client cabinet solution with the most sophisticated features available in the market.

Here are the latest new features that we have just added and which are effective from 15th September:

Internal Transfer Page
The Internal Transfer page now includes an additional “Client ID” field. From this point on, whenever the sender is filling out the details, B2Core will check if the receiver’s trading account and client ID matches, and only then will allow the transfer. This useful new function is applicable to all B2Core clients.

Tags Filter
A “Tags” filter has been added into the main areas of the table with the client’s data. This now means that the admin is able to filter and see which clients belong to which tag and check their activity accordingly. This function is available to all B2Core customers.

New Payment Solution
We have integrated Paythrone payment solution. This is applicable to all B2Core clients.

Light/Dark Theme
We have now completed development of the Light/Dark Theme on all existing trader’s rooms. After deployment, the new functionality will be available to all B2Core customers.

Coming Up Soon!
Converter 3.1 is currently in the pipeline and contains a new “Recent Exchanges” layout which are formed as cards and when you click on them. The fields from the exchange of this card are prefilled and will be accompanied with a graph of the pair that was chosen in the main converted block with key data about them (High, Low, Change). This is illustrated as follows...

The latest features add even more useful functions to B2Core, resulting in an continually improving trader’s room solution. Not only is B2Core easy to use, it is the ultimate solution to help admins get complete control over their financial business operations. For further information, please email sales@b2broker.net

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