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B2Broker Reveals Upgraded B2Core Functionality Boosted by Increased Transparency and Tighter Security Features


B2Broker’s development team has added a further set of features to B2Core, the company’s continually-evolving client cabinet solution. The latest enhancements are a welcome addition to one of the company’s flagship products, and will provide users with more capabilities and an altogether improved user experience.

B2Core’s newly added features include:

Banner System
We have introduced a Banner system which will enable admins to place banners on any webpage of their B2Core. This will provide B2Core owners with the ability to place multiple banners and configure content directly from the admin panel including translations, redirect links and button presence.

Detailed Information Tab
B2Broker has developed a Detailed Information Tab for the trading accounts page. This will now enable admins to develop and add content such as swaps, commissions, etc, in the admin panel for the specific trading account and the end-user will be able to read everything out. This helps brokers improve transparency as is applicable to all B2Core owners with MT4/5.

Start Amount
For the demo trading accounts card, there is now the capability to select “Start Amount”. This means that admins will be able to configure multiple start amounts for demo accounts and the end-user can choose which amount suits his demo trading. This function is accessible by all B2Core owners with MT4/MT5 trading platforms.

Client Tags
The first iteration of Client Tags has been introduced which means that admins can now assign users “tags” and then connect admins to specific tags which will allow them to see the information of only users that they were “tagged” to in the admin panel.

New Payment Integrations
Two new payment solutions have been integrated: Bitwallet and Payelata providing a broader range of options for users. These are applicable for all B2Core owners.

Blocked Actions
We have developed a Blocked Actions function for clients in the admin panel. Currently, these are assigned for Verification Levels, but the rights for these particular users can also now be personalised. This aspect is directly connected to Verification Levels, so all changes will be carried out in accordance. This function is applicable for all B2Core owners.

Colour Picker
We have developed a Color Picker for particular clients. If a color is assigned to a particular client, all his client requests will be colored in the same color, promoting ease of use and clarity. This is applicable for all B2Core owners.

B2Broker has developed new functionality that allows multiple support operators from a single company to see each other's tickets in order to be on the same page. All that is needed is a small configuration on the SupportPal side and the person working for the company called “Levels” will be able to see his colleagues tickets from the same company “Levels”. This function is applicable to all B2Core owners with Helpdesk.

Finally, we have developed two Dealing B2Trader alerts known as Excessive Trades and Arbitrage Triangle. After the client requests submission, the system will communicate with B2Trader either for Excessive Trades of the client or Arbitrage Triangle presence, triggering an alert after we receive anything back. The alerts variables are fully customizable on the admin panel and are applicable for all B2Core owners with B2Trader platform.

The new features further enhance B2Core’s capabilities, offering users a superb multifunctional solution with ease of use and full control over their financial business operations. For further information, please email sales@b2broker.net

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