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B2Broker Reveals Latest Set of B2Core Updates to Include New Bulk Actions and Bonuses Functionality


B2Core’s latest updates for the month of August sees the addition of some exciting new and enhanced features guaranteed to improve user-experience even further. The development team is committed to providing a cutting-edge trader’s room solution that is fully-functional, yet easy to use with updates that we regularly share with our users.

B2Core’s newly added features effective from 18th August include:

✔️ Tiers Layout
We have completed the Tiers Layout for clients using our B2Trader exchange solution. Clients can now check their fees in the Adv UI and click “Go to Profile” to access more detailed information regarding the current Tier, traded volume and how much more is needed for the next Tier to activate. This update is applicable to all B2Core owners with B2Trader platform.

✔️ Bonuses
As promised in our last update, we are finally introducing Bonuses v2.0. This includes a complete rework of the functionality as follows:

1. Personal bonus settings for each bonus
2. The ability to save bonus presets in order to quickly choose the new bonus configuration
3. MT4 and MT5 support
4. New UI incorporating redesigned cards and new “Temporary Bonus” cards
5. The ability to “reactivate” an expired bonus to re-incentivize the client to trade
6. The ability to “hold” the bonus so as not to lose the remaining days before the bonus expires ...and many more !
This is applicable to all B2Core owners with MT4/MT5 platforms.

✔️ Converter Module
We have once again rebranded the converter module, adding quick history to the module and have also reworked the UX of the conversion steps. This specific update applies to all B2Core owners with the Converted Module.

✔️ Address Management Security
An additional security layer has been added to Address Management. It can now be turned off only after the confirmation code has been entered by the end-user which is sent to their email. This is applicable to all B2Core owners.

✔️ Internal Payout
The field Account Number has been added in the method configuration. If this field is empty, the end-user will be able to enter the received account number where he wishes to receive funds. If it is pre-filled, the user only needs to enter the amount that will be sent to a predefined user.

✔️ Bulk Actions
We have introduced Bulk Actions as a completely new function to the B2Core Admin Panel. Here, the admin will be able to create an action that will target a large set of clients in order to effect a particular change for them. For example, the admin will be able to “Ban Clients” by uploading the csv-file containing the clients, then click “Go”. The system will read the file and subsequently start banning emails in the system.

In addition, the action will be logged, as well as visible to the admin, where it will be shown whether the action concluded successfully, or whether something went wrong with the specification of an error.

In the first iteration we have introduced 5 actions: Ban Clients, Change Client Type, Change Internal Client Type, Change Verification Level, Make a Deposit and Zero Balances. More will be added in the future.

✔️ Currency Total
We have added a Currency Total to the deposit and withdrawals table. From now on, if you choose the timespan and a particular currency, the system will calculate the total amount of money that was deposited in this currency.

✔️ New B2BinPay Address
We have added the possibility of generating a new B2BinPay 2.0 address in the admin panel in the B2BinPay section. This means that if the admin needs to fund his virtual wallet, he will be able to generate a wallet for it directly from our admin panel.

✔️ Reports
We have added the ability to configure the time for the generation of reports. It is set to default 6AM GMT +0, but the admin will now be able to change it to a time that is more convenient for them.

The latest features add exciting new functionality to B2Core, resulting in an ever-improving trader’s room solution that is easy to use and helps admins get complete control over their financial business operations. For further information, please email sales@b2broker.net

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