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B2Broker Introduces Latest B2Core Upgrades Including Expanded Security and Black List Functionality


B2Broker has added an enhanced set of features to B2Core (Trader’s Room). B2Core is regularly updated to ensure that clients always have access to a cutting-edge client cabinet solution that is one of the best-rated in the industry. The latest developments will provide users with extended capabilities and a further improved user experience.

B2Core’s newly added features include:

IBBalancesReport within the system has been significantly upgraded so that it now displays data relating to the IB’s total client deposits, the number of active clients per IB, client volume, the last time the IB received rebates, and much more. As a result, IB-oriented brokers can now access a report that provides all kinds of balance information they require. The update is applicable to all B2Core owners with a trading platform such as MT4/5.

Account Opening
We have added new functionality that allows trading accounts to be opened with specific Agent Account data that is stored on MetaTrader. This will enable IB-oriented brokers to easily adjust and analyze their data depending on the particular IB they are interested in. This function is applicable to all B2Core owners with MT4/MT5.

Black List
B2Broker has added a useful Black List function within B2Core which allows admins to block any particular addresses or routes from accessing the B2Core admin panel. This is an excellent and highly-effective security measurement tool which is applicable to all B2Core owners.

We have added the capability for SumSub rejection reasons to be displayed in the admin panel requests, so that every admin operator can quickly identify the reason why verification was denied.

Two more events have been added to B2Core Anti Fraud system Finance Alerts. Excessive Deposits Sum (EUR) checks for any clients who made total deposits more than was configured on the event whereas Frequent Deposits checks for clients who made a higher number of deposits than was configured in the event.

Coming Soon!
In addition to the latest upgrades, B2Core users can look forward to more features that are due for release imminently! We are shortly planning to deploy Bonuses 2.0 which will comprise:

1. Both MT4 and MT5 Support
2. Personalized Bonus Settings
3. Temporary Bonus with Custom Settings
4. Fully Rebranded Page

Screenshot showing latest design.

The new features once again add an extra dimension to B2Core’s capabilities, offering users a state-of-the-art multifunctional solution that is easy to use and offers full control over financial business operations. For further information, please email sales@b2broker.net

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