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B2Broker: B2Core Latest Upgrades Include MT5 Account Modifications and Wallet Improvements


B2Broker has upgraded B2Core once again with the latest additions offering a further enhanced user-experience. The development team is committed to providing a cutting-edge trader’s room solution that is fully-functional and a pleasure to use with updates that we regularly share with our users. B2Core’s newly added features effective from 4th August include:

✔️ MT5 Account Modifications
We have completely reworked the MT5 accounts section and made it a discrete menu point, adding the support of both MT4 and MT5. You can now search for any trading account/s and view the trading data related to it using the sorting and filtering function.

✔️ Internal Transfer
B2Broker has developed an Internal Transfer possibility for clients which by default, is hidden. However, if the admin chooses, he can enable it for the user, entering the account and amount of the receiver within the same broker, and the receiver will then receive those funds. This feature is applicable to all B2Core owners.

✔️ Wallets
We have reworked and updated the wallets layout to show the hold amount along with the links which are now grouped and look more clean. Applicable to all B2Core owners.

👉 Coming Soon!
Two things to look out for in the near future include Bonuses 2.0. There have been issues with MT4 Credit and while the whole task is being tested, this aspect has so far blocked the release. The team is working on it with the highest priority and is due to be deployed on 18th August.
Secondly, the Light/Dark theme update has also been moved to 18th August as the team had insufficient time to develop and test it due to B2Margin commitments.
The new and upcoming features add exciting new functionality to B2Core, culminating in an ever-improving trader’s room solution that is easy to use and helps admins get complete control over their financial business operations. For further information, please email sales@b2broker.net

Source: https://www.b2broker.net/news/b2broker-b2core-latest-upgrades-include-mt5-account-modifications-and-wallet-improvements/
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