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X Financial Solutions updates xStore - an open API apps market place – with a new website and more applications for brokers and traders using X3 Open Hub’s forex trading technology

LONDON, UK. May 15, 2013 X3 Open Hub ( offered by X Financial Solutions, is a complete trading solution for foreign exchange and CFD brokerages and banks worldwide. Today, X Financial Solutions announced the update of xStore ( – an open API apps store with no third party restrictions and infinite possibilities to develop the X3 technology further. xStore provides an open environment for developers, brokers, third parties and traders to create applications and custom add-ons for the X3 Open Hub trading technology. “The future of forex trading is to provide open platforms with minimal restrictions on what can be developed to enhance the user experience,” stated Juan Jutgla, Director of Institutional Business at X Financial Solutions. “Forex brokers and banks using the X3 Open Hub technology will benefit from an open environment and unlimited possibilities to customise their trading technology and differentiate themselves from competitors.” xStore offers a wide range of new trading applications including: • SMS trade alerts: where traders can receive text messages about important market movements such as triggered stop losses and instruments reaching a certain price, • Multi Account Manager (MAM): allows Money Managers to send multiple market orders, TP&SL simultaneously for multiple accounts, • xDivergence: takes advantage of markets’ divergence movements and allows users to apply this to their own investment strategies, • Quick trader calculator: calculates pips, lots, stop losses and take profit in money value, • xCandles: recognises technical analysis formation patterns, • Traders' Compass™: a novel real-time trader guidance software, geared at increasing the trader's life-cycle value by monitoring and analysing the users trading activity in real time. The Open API structure of xStore allows anyone to develop and market expert advisors (EAs), technical analysis tools and any feature that can enhance the X3 trading environment. The site has a forum where developers and traders can share new app ideas and strategies that might not already exist. Users can now also post jobs and find the right coder by searching through an existing ‘Developers List’. Open API with the use of any programming language and .NET, Java and Python wrappers opens it up to enable all developers to create new applications for X3 Open Hub. xStore is also multi-platform, supporting all technologies from web, desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), mobile (android, iOS, WindowsPhone) and all other major technologies available. About X3 Open Hub X3 Open Hub is a complete trading solution for foreign exchange and CFD brokerage firms. The cloud-hosted technology offers cutting-edge front-end platforms, back office and risk management modules to support forex, commodities, equities and indices trading. It features leading web-platform xStation 3, integrated social trading platform xSocial, Android and Apple-supported xMobile and xTab as well as xStore (, the open API market place allowing development of the aforementioned trading technologies. And since the environment is completely cloud-based it delivers substantial savings on the trading infrastructure for brokers adopting this technology. X Financial Solutions also provides X3 Open Hub with seamless integration to any liquidity provider. For further information please visit or

Wednesday, 15 May, 2013 / 9:58

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