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Ubinary offers you the complete trading experience, for all levels of experience, busy schedules and for any amount of trading volume. Here at Ubinary, before you begin to trade on your own, we will offer you a structured plan based on your personal level of experience and not the generic "we will teach how to trade" that every binary option company offers. Our company will offer you a personal trainer from our skilled staff of analysts with the highest credentials the market has to offer. You training will consist of hourly lessons, were you will learn all of the essentials of trading, special trading techniques like edging and scalping and a customized game plan based you monthly goal of profit.

START TRADING NOW 15% Annual Return on your Investments Ubinary has a wide range of revolutionary methods of making your money work more and for you to work less. Our one of a kind account will not only allow you to trade with the most on-demand and volatile assets the market has to offer, but will also act as a savings account! This unique saving account isn't like you out-of -the-ordinary savings account that your bank can offer you, this account will award you with 15% of your deposit(s) amount on annual basis, and will reflect 15% percent of your your deposit only - regardless to your actual balance! START TRADING NOW Personalized Service The most unique aspect of Ubinary is the exceptional quality and quantity of services you will be receiving - because there is no Ubinary without "U". Join our VIP circle and receive a completely structured educational plan, 24/7 service and daily feedback from your own personal analyst.

The analyst will review your account, supervise your trades and will be available to you during the most comfortable hours for you, so you will never have a question unanswered. In addition, we can offer you a customized platform, round-the-clock risk management from our highly esteemed trading room, social trading tools and up to 18% return on unsuccessful investments - so you will minimize your risk while maximizing your profits at all times.

Monday, 15 Jul, 2013 / 2:28

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