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U.S.'s economy reports job deficit

United States

U.S's economy added fewer jobs, as per today's non-farm payrolls data that indicated a drop of 151,000 in August. The estimations were reporting a growth of 180,000.

U.S.'s trade balance to -39.74B

The U.S's trade balance appreciated from -44.66B to -39.74B and did not match the analysts' estimations for escalation to -42.70B.

The nation's rate of unemployment stabilized at 4.9% and differed from the economists' predictions for a drop to 4.8%.

The U.S.'s private nonfarm payrolls fell from 225K to 126K whereas the economists estimated a drop to 178K.


The Brazilian industrial production dropped from -5.8% to -6.6% while the economists predicted the IP to decline to -7.0%.


The Canadian labor productivity fell from 0.4% to -0.3%. The analysts predicted the indicator to drop -0.4%.

Canada's trade balance climbed from -3.97B to -2.49B. The analysts estimated that the indicator would rise to -3.25B.

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Friday, 02 Sep, 2016 / 2:48

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