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TRADOLOGIC Delivers Financial Trading Right at your Fingertips

The leading binary options platform provider launches a new and upgraded mobile application that allows easy and convenient trading on different mobile devices.

TRADOLOGIC releases an updated mobile solution that possesses many new features and improvements in comparison to Mobix 1.5. Mobix 2.0 is available for all Android-powered devices as well as for iPhone users.The upgraded mobile version offers brand new design based on the latest trends and iOS 7 concepts.  

 A major new feature is the addition of turbo trading with an innovative interface to the mobile version. TRADOLOGIC also provides improved login logic that gives users the chance to get user experience without even logging in the application. Mobix 2.0 also has a number of trade room improvements allowing users to stay on the same screen when setting the expiration and investment amount.

Mobile applications give a huge advantage to operators who decide to implement them as up to 25% of monthly volume can come from mobile trading. Mobix 2.0 delivers a simple way of trading on the go and allows users to trade no matter their location or the mobile device they use, consequently increasing the trading volume.

TRADOLOGIC constantly strives to provide software solutions that give end users the most entertaining experience. TRADOLOGIC’s mobile application makes trading convenient and provides traders with access to the trading room at any time on all mobile devices, thus enriching the trading experience.  

The company provides both a native application and a mobile website version for all mobile devices.

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TRADOLOGIC is an award-winning software provider for binary options trading to the financial and gaming industry. TRADOLOGIC’s team pioneers in the binary option trading field and possesses a first-hand insight and deep knowledge about the financial trading industry. Currently, the company offers its clients a variety of products including option types, trading tools, advanced features, integration solutions and services that deliver outstanding trading experience and optimized user value.

Thursday, 20 Feb, 2014 / 11:39

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