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Today, Oil Stable While Silver Begins Passively but Gold Within a Narrow Range.

Oil price keeps stable above the 101.00 level, which supports the continuation of our expectations uptrend direction, which present the main objectives at 104.60 Negative Stochastic explains the reasons for recent side-trades. Black Gold price may have some temporary decline before resuming the upward trend. The trading range expected for today is between: Support 100.00 and Resistance 104.00 General tendency expected for today: UP Silver Price of silver has started trading today slightly bearish tendency, while bringing Stochastic oversold areas, which keeps opportunities to complete the head and shoulders pattern.

So far, we are still waiting the price behavior for the levels of axial and whose support 18.90 and resistance 19.90, as the breakthrough of this resistance will do form a positive proposal, which has the objectives of rising up towards 22.00, while breaking support will put negative pressure on intraday trading and then targeting areas 17.00 initially . The trading range expected for today is between: Support 18.00 and Resistance 21.00.

General tendency expected for today: depends on the levels mentioned in the report. Gold Narrowband continues to control the trading price of Gold since yesterday, which settles under 1270.00 so far, while we still hold onto our positive trading instantaneous, initially targeting 1300.00 zones.

This increase depends on the last contact to support the falling channel. We recall that the break of 1213.00 will turn intraday trading downward, and the first objective test support for the descending channel at 1180.00 The trading range expected for today is between: Support 1220.00 and Resistance 1300.00. General tendency expected for today: UP

Friday, 05 Jul, 2013 / 7:25

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Trading news


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