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Techfinancials Introduces New Monitoring Service for Trading Applications

Open Source-based Monitoring Gives 24/7 View and Alerts to System & Application Issues, Reducing Risk of Revenue or Customer-base Losses

Techfinancials, a premium provider of simplified binary and exotic options trading technologies, is now offering a new monitoring service to forex and binary options trading companies that are using the Techfinancials trading platforms, based on the leading open source software that is geared for high availability, distributed systems.

The monitoring service provides a customizable view of various system components, such as server status and available memory levels, in order to ensure rapid response that protects trading sites from interrupted operations leading to potential loss of business. More importantly, it gives trading companies the ability to define business logic they wish to keep track of, which can both provide early warning of system problems, and give the business a clear overview of operations at any instant or over given time periods.  

Examples of the types of business functions that can be monitored include user registration levels, deposits, number of users logged in, and more. Drops in any of these can indicate problems with servers, payment service providers, and so on. Fast action in these cases is necessary to ensure trading activity is maintained, and customer satisfaction is preserved, thereby avoiding users abandoning the site in favor of competitors.

“This new service is based on the leading open source monitoring systems, with added functionality developed by Techfinancials, which is specific to online broker needs,” says Eyal Rosenblum, Techfinancials CO-CEO and Founder. “It is very important for us to stay ahead of market trends and be attentive to our partners’ business requirements. The Techfinancials monitoring service was developed in parallel to the company’s offering expansion. Techfinancials now offers a comprehensive solution for trading, including binary options, exotic options, and “light” forex trading, all in a single, fully customizable platform.”

The Techfinancials monitoring service is available on both PC and mobile devices.

About Techfinancials

Techfinancials is a leading technology and solutions provider of simplified online trading solutions. Since its inception in 2009, Techfinancials has developed a powerful binary options platform for online brokers. With the vision to lead the emerging market of online trading technologies, Techfinancials provides a proprietary pricing engine, enabling the company to offer a ‘one of a kind’ financial offering in the market.

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Tuesday, 05 Aug, 2014 / 9:27

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