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Sterling is sparkling amid falling U.S. dollar and the Yen rise.

The Royal currency rose on Monday for the fifth consecutive day to record its highest levels in nearly three weeks. This comes amid continued decline in the U.S. currency dollar against most major currencies after leaving the U.S. Federal door open to all options for dealing with the stimulus program if the changed economic conditions.

Yen increased against the backdrop of losing the ruling party (one-party) a majority of seats in the Senate. While forecasts indicate the victory of the coalition between the party's ruling Party with his ally Komeito, the number of seats in 133 of the total number of seats 242. Group of Twenty issued a final statement on Saturday without adding new and pointed to the collective commitment to flexible exchange rates and praised the support extended to global growth thanks to monetary stimulus measures taken by some central banks. Sterling GBP finished trading on Friday on the rise by 0.40 percent against the U.S. dollar.

The fourth day of the climb continued thanks to good data for the British economy throughout the week with a strong signal from the previous meeting of the Central bank that the economy enters the recovery phase and do not need to increase the stimulus program cash. With the opening of the week, the pound continues to sparkle for the fifth consecutive day, its highest level in nearly three weeks of $ 1.5296 heading to recording the largest chain of continuous gains since late April. For this day, this is an Absence of the important UK Economic Indicators from the calendar.

The pound sterling against the U.S. dollar are trading at 05:49 GMT around the 1.5284 level after recording the highest price of 1.5296 and 1.5256 low. Euro The euro rose for the second consecutive day against the U.S. dollar with the opening sessions of the week, after he finished Friday's session up 0.3 percent, comes the rise of the single European currency as a result of the U.S. currency's decline of the dollar against most major currencies, metals and commodities.

Absent for the second consecutive day the important data from Europe regarding the economic agenda for today. The euro is trading against the U.S. dollar by 06:10 GMT around 1.3154 after recording the highest of 1.3169 and the 1.3133 low.

Monday, 22 Jul, 2013 / 7:09

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Trading news


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