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Partner Agreement has been modified

Dear Partners! Hereby we notify you that a new version of the Partner Agreement comes into effect. The changes are effective as of April 10th, 2013. The previous version has been structurally changed and now your participation in Agent and Webmaster affiliate programs is regulated by a single Partner Agreement. Several articles of the Agreement have been changed, among which we'd like to pay your attention to a considerable reduction of minimum requirements for Expert and VIP levels of Webmaster affiliate program (articles 2.7 and 2.8 of the Partner Agreement).<br><br>

Thus, the requirements for trading volume for Expert level have been decreased by 5 times, up to 100 lots per month! In addition to the improved conditions, we'd also introduced a new convenient feature in your Live Account, which will show your affiliate statistics and how much you must improve in order to promote the level of your affiliate program, and thus, gain more profit. Please, pay particular attention to the following changes: Referral link has been changed - now it contains class AgentID  attribute!<br><br>

Therefore, we'd like to ask all our partners to place new referral links on their Web resources prior to April 19th, 2013. New referral links can be found in your Live Accounts. Among other changes, we'd like to focus your attention to the following ones: new rules of inclusion of client accounts into the Partners affiliate group (articles 3.4.  3.7.); prohibition to use the word RoboForex and similar words in the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) systems (article 4.2.7.); prohibition to use any type of redirection of a user to the RoboForex Companys official websites (article 4.2.8.); prohibition to attract affiliated persons as the Partners clients (article 3.8.); limited period of storage of the Partners AgentID in a cookies-file of a browser (article 3.2.); automatic checking of the Partners verified Web resource (Webmaster affiliate program) for the purpose of finding a static link (article 3.9.). To familiarize yourself with the new version of the Partner Agreement, please visit Affiliate Agreements section of your Live Account. Sincerely, RoboForex

Monday, 08 Apr, 2013 / 12:13

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