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OctaFX turns demo trading contest into a game – Supreme Game

OctaFX Southampton Supreme Game is developed by OctaFX in dedication to partnership with Southampton Football club. The contest looks nothing alike the previous company financial promotions and here’s why:

  • It lasts for 90 minutes unlike weekly, monthly or even longer lasting contests.
  • Traders are divided into two teams at random upon the start of the game and two teams compete on a trading field
  • To score a goal a trader must double the equity, starting from $10000 balance on demo account
  • Each goal scored is assigned to the team the trader was put into.
  • Three top players from both teams receive prizes after the game ends
  • The prize fund for each round is unlimited and depends on the number of goals scored by the winning team traders
  • Contest has life feed designed as football commentary that helps follow the game  progress
  • A trader can show his abilities to everyone sending a link to the contest page, where a spectator can see goals scored and the process of getting them scored too.
  • How it works page is telling everything about the contest here.

Best three players of each team are rewarded with a prize fund and each goal-scorer gets additional $10:


Winning team

Losing team










“We’ve been developing contests since the very first day our company existed. This contest however turns the whole idea of trading competitions upside down, showing an interesting solution on how to make traders involved with a help of great visual content and a different meaning behind the idea of “everyone for themselves” competition. It is designed as a page of a game screen, combining Forex and gaming. Everyone is excited to be in OctaFX United or Southampton FC team and when traders score and their team wins they get additional bonuses. Linking two great things together brought us this Supreme Game experience.  ”.
Joanna Archer 

OctaFX provides a wide range of financial services and is famous for running promotions that engage users globally. 

Thursday, 07 Jan, 2016 / 2:13

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