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Now becoming a VIP trader is 2 times easier with OLYMP TRADE

The binary Options Broker OLYMP TRADE announces the beginning of its promo action “VIP for half the price". Every new client has only 7 days after the registration to take advantage of this unique offer. Under the terms of the offer a client receives a VIP status after making a deposit in the amount of $ 1,000, while the standard VIP status is received after one-time deposit in the amount of $ 2,000. Now special advantages are even more affordable!

One of the main advantages of VIP account is the profit that is always 10% higher than on standard account. As a result:

• breakeven point is shifted toward the trader

• the average personal turnover is greatly increased, and is about $ 20 000 per month

• if one compares equal terms (amount, number of trades) for standard and premium accounts, then it becomes clear that VIP clients receive, on an average, $ 1,000 more.

Great opportunities give rise to great prospects.

Whereas on standard account clients can open trades with the maximal amount of $ 2000, for VIP clients the boundaries are extended to $ 5,000. This allows one to earn with the branded trading strategy "Binary Gambit", developed specifically for trading on the OLYMP TRADE platform, about three times more.

Rapid funds withdrawal

OLYMP TRADE processes withdrawals on requests of VIP clients within 24 hours and even faster. In order to get money on the bank card or electronic purse within 15-20 minutes it is enough to contact the personal manager.

By the way, the same manager can give a trader risk free trades for making deposits to the account, as well as for special activity. Thus, in case of a failure forecast the loss is immediately compensated by the company. Many people use this option in conjunction with the "Binary Gambit" strategy, so that they can earn without risk of loosing their deposit.

• All VIP clients has their personal analysts who step by step show them all the nuances of the financial market, as well as help to choose the professional strategy from the sealed sources and according to their personal experience.

• As and when necessary, the unique voice consultations via skype are held to analyse the possible errors and to open trades together with the analyst.

• The analysts offer personal forecasts and free connection to the individual channel of trading signals.

• The closed webinars are held three times per week, where the current trading strategy is discussed and there is an opportunity to perform concurrent trades together with the presenter. This significantly improves the results of trading and helps to avoid serious mistakes.

It is easy to become a VIP trader and to take advantage of all the privileges: just open an account on the OLYMP TRADE platform and make a one-time deposit of $ 1,000 during the first week.

Learn more about the binary options premium trading opportunities on the official website of the broker!

Tuesday, 23 Aug, 2016 / 2:36

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