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MFX Capital program which has started less than a year ago already became a large international financial project which attracted attention of investors all over the world. The largest capital inflow comes from Middle East, then from South-East Asia, and CIS.

Igor Volkov 
president of MFX Broker:
“People are interested how we manage to provide such attractive terms for investors – profitability of 60% annually with 100% guarantee of deposit amount return. It is true, the income is impressive, and it is much more than with bank deposits. I won’t say that we worked out some unique know-how of the financial sphere. Nothing of this kind! I assure you that there are dozens if not hundreds of investment companies and funds which get the same profit. But it appears that we are not that greedy – we leave less to ourselves, spend less for managers’ rewards, human resources, and most of the profit is given to investors. This is the secret. And surely, there is one more condition – precisely worked out and calculated business plan which we follow strictly point by point.

MFX Broker is a big partner of MFX Capital and we direct our largest investment inflows into new financial instruments, partnership chains, and offices of our company around the world.

We operate in the financial sphere for many years already and we have a clear understanding of the profit which every new trader can bring due to spreads. At the same time we know how much we spend to engage this trade into MFX. I mean advertising, education, establishment of new offices, maintenance, and improvement of trading conditions. This difference between the income and spending makes the profit of our company, lion’s share of which get our investors.

Certainly, this is the question of engaging not one, but dozens and hundreds thousand of new traders. As a result, investor who deposits for example $10,000 gets $500 every month, and at the end of the term the whole deposit as well. So in a course of a year he adds $6,000 to his $10,000 which is rather attractive”.

During the whole period of program’s activity there was not a single investor who had problems with charging or withdrawing of profit promised in the frame of the program.

MFX Capital investment program was awarded by prestigious Global Banking & Finance Review and Best Investments Products according to IAIR Awards.
Deposit period composes 3 months and more, minimum deposit composes $100.

Your money has space for growth! Trust your growth to MFX Capital professionals

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Thursday, 23 Jul, 2015 / 11:58

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