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Market Review from FBO: tranquility governs major currencies.

The state of calmness possessed trading major currencies on Tuesday in the absence of critical data for major global economies as well as the state of anticipation and waiting for U.S. Federal record, which will be published on Wednesday, searching for any clarification regarding the monetary stimulus. Thus Sterling settled near the highest level in two months. Euro Currency rose a little support from the German remarks.

And the yen is trading in a tight range. While the Australian dollar and its New Zealand counterpart continues to retreat for the second day in a row. U.S. dollar the dollar index ended, which tracks the performance of the greenback versus a basket of major currencies trading day, on Monday down 0.1 percent. This comes amid a state of weakness transactions due to the absence of important data from the United States, in addition to a state of anticipation and waiting for the meeting of Federal, which will issued on Wednesday for any clarification regarding the Federal program of monetary stimulus. And the U.S. currency did not benefit from the high yield on U.S. Treasury bonds for ten years, which reached its highest level in two years at around 2.871 percent on Monday as investors avoid building new centers until the publication of the record of the FOMC Committee of the monetary policies.

The dollar index is trading on Tuesday within a narrow range of transactions. This is an absence for the second day in a row of important data from the United States of America on the economic agenda for the day. The dollar index is trading at 04:23 GMT on 81.26 points, after recording the highest level at 81.38, and the lowest level of 81.23. Euro the single European currency stepped up on Monday by almost 0.1 percent against the U.S. dollar. This rise comes on the back of remarks to the Central Bank of Germany indicated that the pledge of the European Central last month on the continuation of low interest rates is not granted binding and that it will depend on the outlook for inflation in the long average.

The Bundesbank said in its monthly report that the European Central directives on low interest rates "is not an unconditional commitment", and the bank in July, pledged to keep interest rates at record low levels "for an extended period." The euro rose on Tuesday for a second day against the U.S. dollar but transactions comes within the areas of neutrality reflect a state of anticipation and caution which controls the investors. The issuance in Europe today PPI annual in Germany for the month of July is expected 0.2% from the previous 0.0%.

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Trading news


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