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Major Update of MT4

JustForex team is glad to inform about the major update of MT4 platform. Multiple improvements and fixes have been implemented and new features have been added to the client terminal:

1. The algorithm of placing trade requests has been changed. In previous builds, an additional network connection has been created when placing trade requests. This connection has remained active for some time after a last trade request was sent in order to provide fast sending of a large number of trade request.
Now, when placing trade requests, all of them are passed via the main connection with the trade server. Thus, the time of processing the trade requests (especially the first one) has been considerably reduced as there is no need to wait for connection to the trade server being established any more. In order for the new processing algorithm to be operable, the trade server should also be updated - requests are still set in a separate connection on older trade servers.
Due to transition to the new model of requests processing, the ability to cancel the trade requests not yet accepted by the server (Cancel button in the trade request status dialog) has been disabled.

2. Improved accuracy of time in the lists of open orders and positions, trading history, trade reports, market watch, popup prices windows and client terminal's journal.

3. MQL4 language for programming trading strategies has been substantially revised and its functionality has been brought closer to that of MQL5.

4. Added Market tab for buying and downloading paid and free Expert Advisors, signals and scripts from MetaTrader 4 Market.

5. In the new version, all data of a certain user working with MetaTrader 4 terminal from a separate installation directory are stored in the terminal data folder.

6. Added global search in MetaTrader 4 client terminal and at The search in the terminal allows you to quickly find information in all sections of the client terminal.Word-by-word search with regard to Russian and English morphology is used. 

7. Added the command of placing an instant order for the development of MQL4 applications in Jobs section in order find a programmer able to develop a necessary indicator or a trading robot according to the user algorithm.

8. Added ability to send push notifications of transactions occurring on the client account to the mobile terminals installed on iOS and Android powered devices. The notifications do not depend on the phone number and can be delivered if Internet connection is available.

9. Added display of alerts on the chart. The alerts can be managed via drag'n'drop. Also, the ability to set an alert expiration time has been implemented.

10. Added display of subfolders and the structure of Expert Advisors, scripts and indicators in Navigator window.

11. Added ability to copy to clipboard on Company tab.

12. Fixed arranging chart windows by commands.

13. Fixed saving profiles when switching between full-screen charts.

14. All client terminal components require support for SSE2 instruction set by PC's processor for efficient operation and high performance.

15. Optimized scanning for the best access point.

16. Expanded information about a trading signal:
- added information about the date of the latest trade and the number of trades for the last week;
- added Equity chart of the trading signals source account;
- added Distribution diagram displaying trading activity by symbols.

17. Added the option for unconditional synchronization of positions between a signal source and a subscriber's account. If enabled, synchronization of subscriber's and signal source's accounts (including closing open positions not related to the signal) is performed without subscriber's additional confirmation.

18. Added display of the number of new trading signals submitted over the past 3 days on the signals tab.

19. Added consideration of the minimum allowed volume and minimum volume step during the initial synchronization of trading positions. If the size of the local position is less than the estimated volume at the signal's side, increase in the local position is not performed, as it would be necessary to re-open the position. This might lead to the loss of the spread.

20. When symbols of a signal source and a subscriber are compared and a number of appropriate symbols at the subscriber's side are found, permission to trade them is now considered.

21. Added History and Reviews tabs to the information about a trading signal.

22. Added signal's rating column to the signal list.

23. Removed display of tickets of signal's orders and positions from the information about a trading signal.

24. Fixed an error of trading signals synchronization that occasionally occurred in case of the large number of unidirectional positions having the same volume.

25. Added automatic conversion of trading symbols GOLD to XAUUSD and SILVER to XAGUSD.

26. Added prohibition to subscribe to trading signals for the accounts compatible with NFA FIFO regulations.

27. Fixed subscription to signals when working under Wine (Linux and Mac).

28. Fixed consideration of a tick spread set in the testing parameters when optimizing using a tick cache.

Kind regards,
JustForex team

Wednesday, 26 Feb, 2014 / 1:57

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