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Lionstone presents Binarystation

We would like to introduce a new word in binary trading. Binarystation. This unique platform was designed specifically for forex brokers and their needs. The main concern for any forex broker potentially entering the binary options business has been a conflict of interest stemming from the obligation to share profits and/or client information. Additionally, brokers had to separate their forex and binary businesses in all aspects. Binarystation resolves those issues.

Several revolutionary advantages offered to brokers:

1. No revenue sharing or volume-based fees - There is only a one-time license fee and a monthly FIXED support fee.

2. Your own servers – You run the platform on your servers and on your own terms. This also means that your client information stays with you.

3. Flexible API and customization - You can integrate your CRM, Backoffice, payment processing systems and "My account" pages seamlessly. In addition, you can adapt the platform to your design, brand image and business needs. But the best part is that you pick the instruments, payout rates and types of binary options you want to offer.

4. MetaTrader 4 compatible - Binarystation is fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 and you do not have to divide your Forex and Binary businesses anymore. The trades in Forex and Binary can take place on one MT4 account using free margin.

5. Trade anywhere – Binarystation comes in web and mobile interfaces. Brokers are able to offer Binarystation to clients trading on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android. All the systems are supported.

6. Trader demo accounts – Standard package also comes with a complete demo license, meaning that you can offer a practice account, which so many traders are used to in the forex industry. This helps you generate leads and streamline your sales process.

Binarystation will be unveiled at IFX Expo in Macau. A private showcase in our private meeting room can be scheduled either by





Thursday, 16 Jan, 2014 / 12:25

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