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iSignthis, providing digital identity verification to automate customer on-boarding in France and in China, and in LATAM and......, actually.....

Under Patent, iSignthis (ISX) delivers Dynamic/Live digital KYC with 100% match rates for every financially included individual, across the entire planet. We are not limited by historical static data to verify your customers, why should your business limit who you on-board?

Any other areas that you vendor could be limiting your business?

ISX delivers :

1) CNP Liability Shift for debit and credit card Charge Back at point of KYC, deposit, withdrawal or internal/statutory deferral period and or thresholds.

2) Inbuilt Strong Customer Auth (SCA), removing 3DS which as you know, as of June 17/PSD2, SCA has to be in place, and 3DS could negatively impact your customer take on.

3) 4th AML Directive, ISX provides the transactional monitoring you’ll need to have in place, E.G when a customer hits a deposit or withdrawal threshold or triggers an anomaly, ISX can auto engage and EDD.

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Thursday, 05 May, 2016 / 3:57

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