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IQ Option to Launch Upgraded Platform in December

The binary broker will offer users more analytical tools to enable better trading decisions as well as desktop applications for PC and Mac.

IQ Option is preparing to launch the new version of their multi-asset binary options trading platform, IQ Option 4.0 in December. The purpose of the upgrade is to make the trading experience smoother and more efficient, helping traders make better-informed decisions.

Among the new features of the platform is a database of two years’ worth of quotes, allowing users access to more relevant information before making a trading decision, as well as an extended period for candlestick analysis – up to one month.

New Charts and Technical Analysis Tools

In addition to candlesticks, the upgraded platform will also offer traders bar charts, to aid analysis over longer periods of time, showing the minimum and maximum price levels reached within this period, plus opening and closing prices.

The IQ Option 4.0 platform will also feature a greater number of indicators for technical analysis: Parabolic SAR, MACD, Awesome Oscillator, and Stochastic Oscillator. This will help traders get a better picture of the asset classes they’re trading in.

More Accurate Trade Analysis

With regard to trend analysis, IQ Option is introducing Fibonacci lines, to enhance the traditional support and resistance lines tools. The company says that the Fibonacci lines boast high accuracy, defining not just the direction of the trend but the relevant levels of correction as well.

The new version of the platform will be available for Windows and Mac, utilizing OpenGL technology for cross-platform architecture. The interface has been made more user-friendly by leveraging Emscripten technology, which allows for the display of nine charts on the screen, featuring customization options regarding the size and position of each chart.

IQ Option 4.0 Screenshot
IQ Option 4.0 Screenshot

Monday, 16 Nov, 2015 / 1:42

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