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Invast Upgrades MT4 Platform and Servers for Better Order Processing and Handling Capabilities

Invast have recently invested in new, state-of-the-art, Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) servers, as part of Invast’s ongoing commitment in
providing the highest quality infrastructure to support their clients’ trading.

21 October 2014, (Sydney, Australia) – Invast, one of the largest and most successful global brokerage firms, is excited to announce an upgrade to their MT4 servers, providing a better backend, extreme processing and improved handling capabilities. The new servers are
located in the world’s top financial centres within the Equinix complex at LD5 in London, with an access point in Sydney, to ensure a robust and scalable Forex solution for their retail, institutional and money manager clients.

Gavin White, Chief Commercial Officer stated, “Our client base comprises of some of the world’s most sophisticated traders, including global hedge funds, institutional money managers and also other retail brokers. These clients demand access to the best technology
in order to squeeze out any possible edge they can. Speed and reliability are top of the list.This is the reason we had no hesitation investing in our new MT4 SSD servers. As a result, all of our clients now benefit from institutional-quality infrastructure.”Equinix are a recognised leader among the top tier execution brokers with hundreds of participants, and the LD5 data centre in London, has established itself as the hub for Forex trading among the leading institutional Forex firms, who provide pricing and execution services.

Reliability, security and performance are three of the most critical aspects both retail and institutional clients look for when deciding on their preferred Forex execution firm, and Invast have combined Equinix with new state-of-the-art trading servers using SSD technology, to position themselves at the forefront of speed, reliability and execution performance.

Generally speaking, standard PC hard drives can handle 50-70 transactions per second, high end hard drives can handle 110-130 transactions per second and Invast’s new SSD hard drives can handle up to 95,000 transactions per second. Jon Leung, Chief Information Officer commented, “Trading around major news announcements, like US non-farm payrolls or Chinese economic data, brings with it considerably increased volatility and a flux of traders wanting to be part of the action. We now have a completely scalable solution that if a large number of orders were to come in on key economic announcements, then our backend servers will be able to routinely deliver
those orders straight through to the market with minimal latency.”For more information on Invast and how their new Invast MT4 servers can benefit you, go to

About Invast

Since 1960, Invast has become one of the largest and most successful global market brokerage firms, offering state-of-the-art trading technology and unparalleled service, catering to all levels of traders. Invast provides a flexible choice of platforms, ensuring clients get the right technology to help them grow as a trader. Their platforms include Invast MT4, Invast cTrader, Invast ST24 and Invast ShareTrading, allowing clients to trade Forex, Indices, Commodities, Bonds and Direct ASX Shares.

Invast Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 48 162 400 035) is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and holds an AFS licence 438283.

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Wednesday, 22 Oct, 2014 / 6:47

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