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IFS Bridge

We would like to inform about our new IFS Bridge solution which has good advantages. It consists of system software and client software. It is used to offload a trading risk to liquidity providers (such as bank); automates the execution of orders; connects several MT4 servers.
 Reduce the trading risks by opening the traders’ positions on liquidity provider side.
 Play the role of liquidity provider. Ability to connect several MT4 servers
 Automate the trading processes

Client software is the desktop application (graphical user interface) to connect to Liquidity provider and Client Broker servers. It allows the managers of a client – broker to monitor the trading operations and setting the plugin parameters.

1. Monitoring the market execution of price feed for liquidity provider and the client – broker in order to compare the quotes in real-time.
2. Monitor open orders of LP and CB. Ability to filter the trades by parameters
3. All parameters of plugin can be adjusted and set up using application settings in real time mode without system restart.

o Fast execution
o Flexible
o Reliable

Wednesday, 09 Jul, 2014 / 1:31

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