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Hello Markets to Launch New Security Measures for Its White Label Brands

Only made available to the administrator of the website, Hello Markets says this will ensure a high level of security guaranteed to minimize any possible threat of unwarranted access to sensitive information.

White label brokerage software provider, Hello Markets, is preparing to launch a new brand product to enhance its business information security. Hello Markets is introducing a security token which is being made available to all of its clients.

Cybersecurity is a hot topic recently, both in the business world and beyond, as high profile cases of sensitive information breaches are being revealed more and more often. Individuals, banks and governments are concerned about the privacy of their data and technology firms have already responded with possible solutions.

For this reason it is not surprising to see a white label provider marketing its offering based on new security measures in an industry where former employees have stolen leads and contacts from their firms, as well as cases of complete database theft being discussed in the past few years. Some forex brokers and payment providers have been known for years to use security tokens for top level access, and perhaps now also more binary options developers will start to focus on this important aspect in their offerings.

hello markets tokenA security token is a USB flash drive looking device, which generates a unique numeric code every time it is clicked on, providing a further layer of login confirmation to a traditional user password. Hello Markets says its token will soon be required in order to access the back end of the broker’s website guaranteeing that only a person in possession of it will be able to access the management side of the brand.

The developer says this will ensure a high level of security guaranteed to minimize any possible threat of unwarranted access to information which could be harmful to the broker.

In addition to the Security Token, Hello Markets has also reportedly implemented the use of an encryption code. Integrated into its system, the encryption code is meant to help verify the identity of the user who is trying to access the system. The combination of a username, password, security token and an encryption code will guarantee the security of a broker’s website, as promised by the developer.

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Wednesday, 25 Feb, 2015 / 9:16

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