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FxArena BigBig Contest Free Tickets Drawing!

We are pleased to announce that starting from Jan 2015, Free Tickets for FxArena BIGBIG contests are available on by means of a drawing.

Every month, at the end of the drawing, we give out X number of Free Tickets (Each, worth of 55 USD) to X number of winners, who then can take part in the upcoming BIGBIG Contest at no cost!

The Big Big Contest is FxArena's Highlight event with a Minimum Guaranteed Prize Pool of $50,000. It takes place once EACH month. Traders can register into the contest with only $55. When the contest starts, each trader has Demo Amount $10,000 to trade and grow their equity.

The Contest has a duration of 2 Weeks and at the End of the time-period, traders amongst the top ranks with the highest equity share the Minimum Guaranteed Prize Pool of $50,000! Sky is the limit on how high the Prize Pool can go, as the number of registration goes over 1000, the Prize Pool will get even BIGGER! This is the biggest opportunity in the Forex industry to make Big Money with a Small Investment!

Want to have a chance for a Free Ticket at FxArena? Visit and participate in the drawing!

BestFxBonus Team
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Sunday, 18 Jan, 2015 / 4:23

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