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FTSE100: UK out of the EU _24/06/2016

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After obtaining the results of the referendum in the UK the world's stock markets crashed. Quotes of gold jumped by more than $ 100 per ounce, sharply stronger yen, the US dollar, especially in pairs with the euro and the pound. More than $ 3 per barrel of oil fell quotes.

As already known, according to the official results, 51.9% of the vote for an exit, against 48.1% against the British voted for the secession of the country from the European Union. The final result of the referendum on membership in the EU UK: the total number of votes for the output of 17,410,742, for the preservation of membership 16 141 241. Out of the 43-year period of political and economic integration of the UK with the rest of Europe. Now begins a two-year period, during which it will be possible to harmonize the conditions of release. The separation process at the same time face a huge number of the complexities of the political, technical and economic nature.

How to find economists and political scientists, the output of the third EU economy from the community violates well-established balance of power in the European Union, as well as set a precedent for the consideration of its membership in the EU other member countries of the bloc.

Japanese Nikkei Stock Average on the basis of trading in Asia fell 7.9% to 14,952.02 points, registering the strongest loss in points from April 2000 and a percentage from March 2011.

Chinese Shenzhen Composite Index on the basis of trading in Asia declined by 0,8%, ChiNext - on 0,5%, Shanghai Composite - 1.3%. China on Friday upheld the yuan by the central bank currency intervention after the pair dollar / Chinese yuan on Friday reached a level of 6.6140, which was the highest level since mid-January 2011.
The Bank of England may lower interest rates from the current record low of 0.50% to zero. It will also encourage the ECB to ease monetary policy even more than expected, including the reduction of deposit rates by 10 basis points and extending the asset purchase program until 2018 or later.
GBP / USD pair dropped today to around 1.3230, collapsed with a mark of 1.5000 reached earlier.

FTSE 100 fell by 11% with the opening of today's trading day up 1.4% after the opening of trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Despite the fact that the FTSE100 index makes some attempts to stabilize at the lows reached, the pressure on the British stock market and stock index will continue for a long time, and the decrease in the index is likely to continue

Friday, 24 Jun, 2016 / 11:38

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