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Fortex Web Bridge Config Feature

What will be the next trend-setter in FX tech, the next big thing? How about upgrading MT4 bridge settings straight from your phone, on-the-go, in real time and without a server restart?

Well, this is now a reality! Fortex has just completed a major design overhaul of its flagship MT4 Bridge OMX interface, transitioning over to a progressive HTML5 technology. This new, sleek interface allows users to easily make changes to the quote maker, and other execution configuration parameters, from any web-browser, on-the-fly and without hassle.

FX Brokerages can now change price configuration by simple accessing the bridge URL and applying settings as they go.
The Fortex Bridge OMX Web Console works on all mobile and tablet devices, and provides continuous, and consistent, access to a brokerage's most important risk settings anytime, anywhere. By using the “point and click” interface, brokers can better prepare for news events, manage risk more effectively, and access all critical information in a split second.

Access to the configuration interface is provided via a secure connection (HTTPS) and the interface is available in English and Chinese language.
Fortex Bridge OMX excels on order pass-through rates, stability, reliability and scalability.

At Fortex, we process up to $12 billion in flow and more than 500,000 tickets on a daily basis, helping our clients achieve substantial annual revenues.

Fortex remains at the forefront of FX technology innovation delivering stable and scalable enterprise solutions for the retail FX industry since 1997.


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Thursday, 14 Jul, 2016 / 5:58

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