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Forex technology providers – MT4i, Tools4Brokers, Trade Escort and Robotero – choose to join X Open Hub trading environment.

X Financial Solutions today announced new collaborations with four key partners in the forex technology industry who have committed to offer their trading solutions through the X Open Hub environment. This confirmation closely follows a recent announcement that several new providers had also committed to integrate their own technology through X Open Hub after a successful forex conference in Cyprus. These additional providers are due to be announced soon.

Partnering with reputed forex technology providers demonstrates not only the growth of the X Open Hub product (launched early 2013), but also the growing shift toward unrestricted, open trading environments for technology providers, forex brokerages and their clients.

Juan Jutgla, Director of Institutional Business at X Financial Solutions said: “The idea is to let our technology and liquidity partners market their products and solutions using our technology as a foundation. We are not charging our partners anything to join X Open Hub, and we are not asking for any rebates from liquidity providers. Everyone is invited to integrate and promote their own solutions with a strong trading engine and back office tools supporting the environment. Our concept of an open environment goes far beyond offering applications for brokers and traders through, it helps our partners push their own proprietary platforms, apps or liquidity, while setting their own parameters for how they charge their clients.

The open concept also removes any limitation for future development for our partners.

1. MT4i are a leading trading tools provider in the B2B forex industry. They will look to develop a bespoke, fully integrated platform within the X Open Hub environment, which will promote their popular B2B trading tools designed to help brokers attract, convert and retain traders by providing advanced trading tools and access to user configurable news and information in multiple languages. John Morris, Business Development Partner at MT4i said “We welcome the opportunity to partner with X Open Hub and this partnership will also enable us to progress our strategy of providing high quality tools and services to the FX Broking and investment community, on a cross-platform basis.

2. Tools for Brokers Inc have recently started to apply their FX technology knowledge to different trading platforms. “It is a pleasure for us to become a software provider for the platform that is eager to open up new horizons for forex brokerages” said Elina Bagautdinova, Tools4Brokers Executive Director.

3. Robotero offer a platform for low-latency automated news trading on forex pairs. Piotr Gabryś, co-founder of Robotero said of the new collaboration: "We have agreed a win-win partnership with X Open Hub because it offers a friendly API-based integration environment and also gives us a marketing advantage by making our platform available to all brokers and investors adopting X Open Hub. We provide technology for boosting brokers' operational metrics (new accounts, number of transactions and trading volume) by enabling investors to define and execute automated event-driven strategies based on Reuters real-time feed of macroeconomic data. Through this new partnership with X Open Hub retail traders will gain access to technology that was reserved only for institutional investors, until now".

4. currently creates an integrated version of the well-known automated AgenaTrader platform, incorporating their charting and trader tools facilities. The key features of AgenaTrader are based on semi-automated setup and trade management components, integrated risk-/money management with automated order sizing. This enables traders to fell trading decisions very fast and reduce the error rate. The drag&drop condition/strategy assembly component and the extremely powerful real-time scanner are further highlights of AgenaTrader. X Open Hub is a cloud-based trading environment with an open API structure enabling anyone to develop on top of the existing technology, whether through applications sold at or through creating their own bespoke trading platforms from start to finish.

Malgorzata Kozak, Head of xAPI and summarised: “We are very excited to be forming a relationship with these well-known technology providers and hope that it is only the beginning of many more important partnerships to come. Our philosophy is to be the Android of the forex and CFD trading world, joining forces with top developers to deliver the most comprehensive and dynamic trading environment possible for brokerages and their end users."

For further information about X Open Hub, please visit: About X Financial Solutions: X Financial Solutions Limited is a forex and CFD brokerage solution provider who are authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FRN522157). Its registered and trading office is at 7th Floor, 29 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JX. United Kingdom. (Company number: 07227848). For further information, please visit

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