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Forex Global Solutions announces results for 2014

Forex Global Solutions a leading global wealth management company specializing in Managed Accounts trading in Forex, Futures and Metals announces results for 2014.

  • Stealth automated trading system trading Forex                                    +141%
  • Goldstar semiautomatic system trading spot Gold                                 +102.99
  • Cornerstone automated Forex trading                                                      +12.96
  • Oxford automated Forex trading                                                                +12.48
  • Dartmouth discretionary trading system                                                   +11.31
  • Falcon automated trading system                                                               +10.90

Futures Trading

  • Highlander Futures trading account                                                            +33.05

About Forex Global Solutions.

Forex Global Solutions is a world leader in managed accounts trading in Alternative investments. Its headquarters are located in Nassau Bahamas. Serving non U.S retail and institutional clients across the Globe.

Thursday, 15 Jan, 2015 / 10:41

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